I’ve been invited to take part in a blogger challenge with Travel Republic and the campaign is based around finding out what your child’s ideal holiday would be. A whole can of worms opened up right there, I tell you. “When exactly are we going on holiday again Muuuuuuuum?? Mum. Muuuuum. MUM! Can we go on holiday again pleeeeease?”


Repeat x 1,000,000.


The funny thing is, when I was young, it wasn’t something you ever asked your parents, and lots of my friends never even went abroad when they were children. We were really lucky as a family though, we went to Majorca a few times, Tenerife, Spain … but we certainly don’t talk about the time my parents went to Australia without us. I mean, it’s as if they had their own life or something. And then, when I got married, we went to a few Greek islands with my parents, just because we all got on so well.


So, fast forward to Dexter’s childhood, and he’s been away with me a few times. Rome as a baby, Gran Canaria, Italy, Lanzarote, but when I first asked him about his perfect holiday, he was a little stumped. Because as much as he loves going abroad, he’s also a real homebody, just like me. He’d love all the comforts of home, just somewhere a bit more exotic than Gillingham. (Can’t blame him.) But thirteen is a bit of a tricky age, as some of you may have experienced, and holidaying with a teen is a precarious situation to find yourself in!


Anyway, here are the things that would make a perfect holiday, according to Dexter, aged 13½:


  • Xbox
  • Laptop
  • Quick wifi
  • Unlimited fizzy orange
  • Swimming pool
  • Pancakes every morning
  • Access to snorkeling, surfing and windsurfing
  • Private butler
  • KFC nearby
  • Go-kart to get around the resort
  • Constant sunshine


And that was it. When pushed, he said, “Nope, that’ll do.” It could have been worse I guess! And to be honest, I’d love a private butler too, so that’s probably where he gets it from.


What would make your child’s perfect holiday?


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