Hi everyone, sorry this week’s weight loss post is late … I was aaaaht and abaaaaht all weekend.


So, I’ll keep it quite brief, because I’d rather acknowledge the week in some way than get in the habit of not bothering. I had another (my 2nd) PT session with Craig last week and he really switched things up on me. Did NOT see that coming! OMG. I’m going to break down what we did in the hope that you can imagine some of the sheer horror that was that session.


Firstly, there’s this treadmill. It is the work of the Devil, I kid you not. It’s not your typical mechanical treadmill, but you power it yourself. It has a curved track, curving up at the front and the back, with a resistance lever you can adjust on the right. Get the picture? So I had to walk on that for 1 minute, then lean on the handles at the front, crank the resistance up to warp speed, and walk up the curved part … it’s like walking up a very, very steep hill. Did that for a minute, jumped off and did 10 squats with a 14kg kettle bell.


And repeat six times.


Next up was the rowing machine. Row as fast as you can for 30 seconds, over 800 rpm, then at a medium pace for 30 seconds, and then jump off and swing another kettle bell (8kgs) through my legs and above my head 10 times.


And repeat six times.


And finally … I was literally dead by now, we did a deadlift pyramid. Starting at 10 reps of 25kgs, and then building the weight up, and lowering the reps, until we got to 45kgs … and then repeated the process through twice.


I was so proud of myself! I know it’s probably not a big weight to a lot of people, and I know I can lift more if I’m just lifting it once, but to do that amount of lifting, at the end of such a heavy session was pretty cool. It was the hardest thing, but the best thing, and I can’t wait to do it all again on Friday. (I was meant to go on Wednesday but I had a minor op on my arm today so can’t lift for a while.) I will at some point promote Craig’s PT services if you’re local to me, because even though he’s newly qualified, he’s great … but the doughnut doesn’t have a website yet.


So even though I went to the gym five times last week, I also got pretty drunk twice. And ate halloumi fries. And meat and chips. Oh God, and fish and chips. And I didn’t quite find enough balance I don’t think with my eating. Clearly. I did, however, get back on my back on Saturday and went to the gym with a hangover, so winning (kinda), and yeah, food wise, I wasn’t very strict, but I had the best week.


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I feel like I’ve been really active, seeing new friends, travelling to places, going up to London lots (I’m there tomorrow for Afternoon Tea with Cakeboy himself, Eric Landlard, and then off to a private cinema screening in the evening), and I’m loving life right now. I can’t begin to tell you the difference I feel in my mood these days and although I’m disappointed that I can’t see my therapist for three weeks (she’s selfishly going on holiday), I feel confident I can handle my emotions at the moment. Bar any monumental cock-ups. *touch wood*


So it was a great week all round, and I hope you all managed to catch the Mumsnet Facebook Live I did with Grace, that was lots of fun too. Although I’m too cringed out to actually watch it back myself!


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I stayed the same weight. It’s weird how I can weight exactly the same … to the 0.1kg, but I did, and that’s OK. (STILL a total weight loss of 4 stones.) But I’m on top of things, including my weight, and am taking staying the same as another win, because it’s important to stay positive, not let the scales rule you, and think about the whole week in context. Yes, last week I drank and ate a lot of things that aren’t going to help me lose weight, but I think it’s really important not to see these foods/drinks as ‘bad.’  You’re only going to torture yourself then, and I think it then gives control over to the food you’re eating, rather than it being the other way around. If that makes sense.


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