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Alas, I think my camping days are over. At least for now. The sun has set on my Vango tent for the last time … etc. #DramaticMuch. My point is, I’m single again. I know, I know … but I loved camping, I really did, and I hope that came across in my posts about my weekends away, and I’ll always be thankful I had that experience. One of the things I absolutely loved about camping, over a traditional night in a hotel, was that I could take absolutely anything I wanted with me, because I just packed it all in the car, and as clichéd as it was, that tent became a home from home. Two duvets, ALL the cushions, camping stove, candles … I’ll really miss it.


And it got me thinking, especially as Dexter is desperate to go on holiday again, what other type of holiday lends itself to a similar lifestyle? Where you can just throw everything you want in the car, without having to worry about baggage allowances, or making sure you drink that litre bottle of water in your hand luggage before you go through security … and then I thought, why don’t we jump on a P&O Ferry and nip over to France?


I can pack my favourite pillow … yes, I’m one of those strange people that has a ‘favourite pillow’, my camera tripod to take selfies, because trying to get a 13-year-old boy to take photos of you is nigh on impossible, and I could even take Dexter’s xBox if I wanted a totally quiet life. Kinda defeats the object of a family holiday mind, so I won’t, but the point is I could if I wanted to. (This must never be mentioned to Dexter!)


So with that in mind, I thought I’d take a photo of some of the things I’d take on holiday if I travelled by ferry. And I should point out that it’s probably a good thing I have a fairly small car, a Peugeot 307, because if you gave me a Range Rover to use for my holiday, God only knows what I’d pack!


P&O Ferries


No more having to choose just one pair of trainers, I can take BOTH! Chunky, heavy, yellow shoes? Yes please. And some of my favourite books, and notebooks, that are normally too heavy to take on a plane. Oh, and the Prosecco … just because.


Food for thought isn’t it? What would your ultimate holiday suitcase look like if you weren’t restricted? What luxuries would you pack? I’d love to see!


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