Several things I love in love have joined forces for today’s blog post. Food. Shopping. Saving money. Losing weight. Because today … *drumroll* … I’m talking about Aldi’s new Meal Kit range of dinners! (Spoiler – some of the nicest food I’ve eaten in ages, I kid you not.)


I was asked to try out the new range of meals from Aldi, and was given some vouchers to buy them, but I’ll be honest, Aldi isn’t usually my supermarket of choice. Two reasons. Firstly, there’s another supermarket at the end of my road, literally a three-minute walk away, and even though it’s more expensive, it’s just easier. And I’m all about that chilled life. And secondly, I’m strangely quite reticent about changing a supermarket I’ve been going to for years. I’m not a fan of change, I like what I like, and I’m nervous about trying brands I don’t know. That’s probably middle age for you!


aldi meal kit


aldi meal kit


However, Aldi are currently building a massive store opposite my current supermarket of choice and I couldn’t be happier. (Yes, I need to get out more.) It’ll be a five-minute walk away, it’ll hopefully drive the prices down of my current supermarket and YAY TO CHOICE!


Onto the meal kits. Several things appeal about these meals:


1.  They’re inexpensive – £2.99 for one ‘kit’ that feeds two people. Meat, vegetables and sauce. You just add your carb of choice. There are 7 to choose from, and I bought 5.

2.  They’re delicious. We’ve only eaten the Korean BBQ Pork and Thai Curry, but, and I don’t say this lightly, they were absolutely delicious. And I promise you, if Dexter ate them without moaning, I’m onto a winner.

3.  They’re healthy. I mean ‘healthy’ is relative, it depends what things matter to you, but, for example, the Korean Pork dish (below) is 352 calories per portion (excluding the rice I added.

4.  They’re quick. I cooked our meal in six minutes. SIX MINUTES. And for someone like me that has a tiny kitchen, and a constantly starving teenager, this is great news.


They’re all cooked in a wok/frying pan. Quick spritz of spray oil, fry off the meat, add the veg, add the sauce, and that’s it. It really is that simple.


aldi meal kit


aldi meal kit


aldi meal kit


aldi meal kit


Any negatives? Only a minor one – I’d like more vegetables in the pack, but there’s only so much room, so I understand why there isn’t, and also, you could just buy an extra pack of stir-fry vegetables to bulk out your meal. It’s not a massive portion, but it was definitely enough for me, and it enables me to keep my calories in check – I certainly wasn’t hungry afterwards. But yeah, if you’re a big eater, just pad it out with extra veg. (If you’re quick, you can see a short video of me cooking the Korean Pork on my Instagram Stories.)


I now can’t wait for Aldi to open their new store right on my doorstep and these Meal Kits get a very definite big thumbs up from myself and the teen.


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  1. I love these too, although I add more rice than you. We have tried a few different ones now. So easy to cook after a day at work or the kids being a pain at bed time.

  2. We had this tonight. Extra stirfry. Bean sprouts and noodles made this a 4 serving meal. Very tasty and all for under 1.50 per person.

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