Evening all. So, guess who has just returned from camping in that weather we had last night? *raises hand*  Yup. I think we must have chosen the worst day/night weather-wise all year to camp. Torrential rain all day and all night AND gale-force winds – brilliant! Only four people were camping in our field, and the three Inbetweeners that camped next to us, had their tent blow down completely at 2am. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy camping, especially when this is your view:


peacehaven camping


… but if ever I suggest camping in such atrocious weather conditions again, please do feel free to metaphorically beat me round the head with a saucepan of your choice. I only agreed to go because the campsite was called Stud Farm and I thought I’d get lucky.



camping in rain



lifestyle blogger


I’ve now defrosted and am currently watching the women’s England vs. France match, and I hope by the time this post is live, we’re through to the semis! But back to the matter in hand. My big bum. It grew by 3lbs last week and I really wasn’t in the greatest headspace last week but this week has been more positive. Firstly, no mid-week date night meal to knock me off track. Secondly, I’ve managed to get to the gym four times, but weirdly, I’m still not feeling cardio whatsoever. I’ve barely done any for two weeks. Not sure why. I think I just got a bit bored, and I know cardio isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of losing weight, but it does give you a boost, so I need to see if I fancy it next week.



fry up




Thirdly, I had a chat with the lady who created the Slimpod that I listen to. I explained that with everything that’s been happening lately, I’ve neglected listening to the download every night (for the last two weeks only) and she reminded me that the pods don’t just help you lose weight, they make you feel good, and perhaps that’s missing in my life at the moment. So I’ve started listening again. Every night, as I fall asleep, and I’ll see whether I notice any positive change in my mood next week.


Food-wise, I’ve stopped buying the majority of crap that I was buying. I did buy some Fruit Pastilles for a car journey this week (a big shout-out to my mate T who blogs at Mummy Barrow, for giving us an old TV for Dexter to have – an absolute life-safer she is!) .. but yeah, the Fruit Pastilles didn’t even make it to the M25.


Oh, and I did go to London for a really random murder mystery evening, which you can read about, but there were Cosmos and mini-sausage rolls galore. But I just had what I wanted (four Cosmos and about six sausage rolls) and that was it, so not too bad. (Ahem, and two glasses of Prosecco.)


Looking back at last week’s to-do list, I’ve feel like I’ve failed a bit really. I didn’t use my bike at all this week, and I did buy a packet of sweets, but … I have started listening to my Slimpod again, I did get to the gym four times and Dexter and I have only had one takeaway this week, I’ve cooked meals for us every other time. So actually, maybe, I didn’t do that bad after all, and actually, maybe I should be a little nicer to myself and recognise the good things I’ve done!




This result is based on six days, instead of seven, and I’ve lost 1.5lbs. Half of what I put on last week. If I can just sort the eating side of things out a little better, I think I can get back on track losing every week. I don’t have any full length photos of me this week (shock, horror) but my clothes from J D Williams have arrived, so I’m going to do a little modelling of those this week, so do keep an eye out for that post.


Over and out for now – please do follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and I’ll see you next week, and if you’re interested in learning more about the Thinking Slimmer download I listen to every night (apart from this week clearly!), you can find more information HERE.


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