I was in London last night for, what turned out to be, quite possibly, THE most random evening I’ve ever had … and trust me, I’ve been around. Ahem. “Tell us all about it then woman,” I hear you say. “OK Dad, I will!” (Although I’m hoping you’ll all enjoy this one.)


So, I was in Southwark, as a guest of Sony and Currys PC World, in order to check out Sony’s new OLED Bravia 4K TV. From a layman’s POV, who knows absolutely zero about TVs, this TV it was bloody amazing. We were given a little demonstration by the lovely marketing boss man and the picture quality was incredible. The speakers are built into the screen, so there’s no need for an additional sound bar, and that is just about the limit of my knowledge about TVs. But if you all want to club together to buy me one for my birthday, that would be nice, thanks. It’s in September so you have plenty of time. But seriously, astonishing technology.


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But onto the best bits. Firstly, the venue. It was perfect. It was the Tropical Library at Lumiere London, Southwark. No, I’ve never heard of it either, but it was the most beautiful backdrop.


tropical library lumiere london


tropical library lumiere london


tropical library lumiere london


Now onto the Cosmos. *sigh*




There’s a lot to be said for a well-made (ie. strong) cocktail, but after my third, I’d lost the power of cohesive speech somewhat, but I soon found out why the drinks were so strong because there was going to be … AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! Something that usually makes my blood run cold but by my fourth Cosmo, I was up for anything!


But they eased us in gently with just a casual two-girl gymnastic/balancing performance. Totally normal.




They were great, and by now I was convinced I could have joined in and done just as well. Obviously. The theme of the night was ‘Immersive Night In’ with all of our senses being tested throughout the whole evening, especially with the quiz. Oh yes, the night just got better and better because who doesn’t love a quiz? Based on films, I really didn’t do that well and suggested to a lovely group of bloggers I’d met that perhaps it would be better if we joined forces as a team, because I only knew two out of fourteen answers. There were visual clues dotted around the room, including a plate of chocolates used as a clue, which was genius because you could eat the clue. (Below, a Beauty & the Beast clue. I think!)




And just when I thought the evening couldn’t get any more random, it turned into a murder mystery evening! I’ve only done one of these before, over twenty years ago, and loved it then but you know what it’s like at the beginning, you’re asked to join in but everyone’s just a bit too embarrassed. But I kid you not, within ten minutes, everyone was acting their butts off and getting proper involved – it was brilliant! The company was called Smoke & Mirrors, a lovely eclectic mix of massive weirdos that did an outstanding job. We were asked to quiz each character to find out possible motives, we had to pretend to be part of some pharmaceutical experiment (told you it was weird) and then, of course, decide why the German fella had been killed, and with what. I couldn’t possibly tell you what weapon I described, but suffice to say, I didn’t win the bottle of champagne with my answer of, “a 14” metal dildo.” You win some you lose some.


murder mystery evening


murder mystery evening


murder mystery evening

(Photo courtesy of Joe Blogs)


And then it was home time. Like I said, THE most random evening, and I loved every minute of it! A big thank you to Joe Blogs Network/Greenlight Digital for inviting me.


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