Spending time with my man-friend at weekends has always proved quite tricky because he lives at home with his parents (it’s a long story), and I, of course, live at home with my son. Such is our relationship, that never the twain shall meet … or at least, they’ve not met yet, and so we keep our relationship very separate to the rest of our life.


This has meant I’ve had to do A LOT of research to find the best hotel deals because, as a new couple, we want to spend time alone together. Until we started camping, we stayed in a hotel every Saturday night and it got pretty expensive. So I thought I’d share with you some of the websites I’ve used in order to find the best hotel deals.


Expedia is always my first port of call, and if you search for discounts on sites such as Groupon, you can often find money off codes you can use, bringing the price down even further. There are so many hotel comparison sites to choose from, I always start here and then compare the prices elsewhere. Another thing to remember is to clear your cache when you’re extensively researching hotels and holidays – you may find the price goes up otherwise.


I love the concept of Airbnb but surprisingly, I’ve never stayed in one. Although I’m rectifying that at the end of August, when I’m staying in a house in Brighton with my friend, Zoe, who’s coming over from Australia, and Clare – both of whom I met on my trip to Italy last year. And that’s the beauty of this website, depending on the size of your party, you can either book just a room, or a whole house (although I’m not sure how I feel about just renting a room in someone’s house!)


Trivago – you’ll have seen their ads everywhere, there’s no escaping them (especially on YouTube), but it’s another site worthy of investigating.


And the final site I use, is Booking.com. It’s easy to navigate, remembers the last properties you were interested in and, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you often get discounts emailed to you.


Oh, and if you are a camping fan too, we always book via Pitchup. It offers a good description of each campsite, whether it’s child-friendly, lists things to do nearby and the booking system is so easy to use, my man-friend uses it.


If you use any other sites and have been able to find a bargain, please do let me know. My bank manager will thank you.


kate sutton


*   This post is in collaboration with Groupon.

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