I’ve written a couple of blog posts recently and shared them on my blog Facebook page, and the support for both of those posts blew me away. Each post reached over 15,000 people, was read by thousands and it felt wonderful having so much engagement with like-minded people. Over 100 comments on each post, which were either full of support, congratulations or, if the opinion was different to mine, reasoned debate.


And then there were the haters. The minority.


Now I’m not going to name names because they’re not remotely important, but they have prompted me into talking about something today. Kindness.


I’d say I’m a kind person. I would hope that comes across in my words.  I judge people on Love Island, sure, I’m not perfect, but I was raised by kind parents, and I like to think I’ve done the same with my children. (Biased, but they’re wonderful kids.) So when someone is mean to me, I find that quite hard to take. I don’t understand it. Literally. It blows my mind a little that it’s someone’s default to be nasty. That old adage of, ‘If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all,’ always springs to mind if I have something negative to say and, invariably, in that case, I just don’t bother. But this is the internet we’re talking about.


And what especially bugs me is that I’ve tried really hard over the years to create a community, an environment, that is a positive and uplifting space for us all to chat. For my readers to tell me about what’s going on in their lives, and for them to listen to me wang on and on about bloody halloumi. The FB page and my blog readers are predominantly women, and it’s so incredibly important to me that we support each other because life can be a bit shit, and so when someone is just mean for the sake of it, it really winds me up. Not because they don’t agree with me, or because they think like a look like a fecking clown in my new jumpsuit or whatever, but because they’re putting me down to make themselves feel better.


Ain’t no-one got time for that shit.


Seriously. Why do that? 


Look, I’m pre-menstrual. I’m nervous about today’s operation. I wish I could have a hug from Mum, but I can’t, so I know I’m taking it all a little personally. So I’d like to now focus on everyone else that takes the time to comment and support me, and each other. You’re fab. More than that. You’re all like surrogate mums sometimes. Is that weird? (Yes, it is.) But I mean it. It’s like that virtual hug I can’t get from her when I need it. Words of wisdom, encouragement, advice, bringing me back down to earth … whatever it is I need at the time, I often get from you.


marks & spencer jumpsuit


And I like to think I give a little back sometimes. I’ve never blown my own trumpet because I don’t really have anything to blow about, so to speak, but a lady Tweeted me at the weekend to say that she’s lost 6 stones and put a lot of it down to my ‘honest inspiration’ in my blog posts. Of course, I’ve not lost the weight for her, she’s done that all herself, but isn’t that amazing. That my words can resonate and inspire someone else?


I love that. And that’s what I’m going to concentrate on. Let’s raise each other up, not put each other down. Deal?


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  1. Hi Kate sorry to read what you have written but there are truly some really nasty people that hide on the so called anonymity of the internet but we have to raise above t even thought sometimes it hurts, but will send you a hug as many times as you like as we all need someone in our corner, and I’m in yours

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