Happy Bank Holiday woohoooo! And also, a very Happy Birthday to my lovely son Dexter, for he has officially turned into a teenager today – God help me. We’ve celebrated by having a low-fat Five Guys lunch *ahem*, and a wander around Bluewater. His choice, trust me, it wouldn’t be mine, but it’s been wonderful. I showed him the video of Kevin (& Perry) on his 13th birthday which rang all too true!


You may have seen on social media yesterday (I do a lot on IG Stories now if you’d like to follow me there), that I was due to lead my first Breeze Network bike ride. The ride did go ahead … but it was just me on it! And that’s just the way it happens sometimes. I was outfoxed by the weather somewhat, a forecast of a balmy 75 degrees on a Bank Holiday weekend, only for there then to be a massive thunder and lightning storm five minutes before the ride was due to start. But I was there, with my new red Breeze Champion top on, and it felt really good to wear it. I felt very proud because it’s something I’ve worked hard for, something that really means something to me, so the fact that no-one made it this time, doesn’t really matter so much … there will be other times.


breeze network

riverside country park

breeze network

breeze network


I went on the ride myself, which was a steady 9-10 miles along the riverside in the brilliant sunshine (but with a light breeze), and it was glorious. Honestly, I know I bang on about cycling a lot but it just fills me with such joy that I can’t help myself. It’s a mixture of being outside, getting lots of Vitamin D, endorphins kicking in … and feeling like a kid again, a heady concoction! And I only do relatively short bike rides at the moment, so I can’t wait until I’m able to do longer ones. (As an aside, I can see the roll of fat that you can all see in that photo of me in my new red top and I can tell you this … I absolutely, 100% do not care one bit that you and I can see it. I mean, granted, it’s not ideal, but it’s smaller than it was this time last year, and that’s all I care about.)


Food-wise this week, up and down, as per really – (Monday to Saturday):

  • 1291
  • 2124 (date night)
  • 2388
  • 3007 (date night!)
  • 2130
  • 1953

Average – 1700 calories per day.


I think with the heat this week, some days I just haven’t felt like eating, and then other days (Tuesday and Thursday), I’ve been on dates and drunk alcohol. Erm, not that I need to be drunk to go on a date of course … but it’s always drinks and food isn’t it? (As a quick aside, my love life is very complicated at the moment, so it’s not something I can really talk about because I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing! But it is leaving me with that horrible knot in the stomach feeling so I do need to sort it out, one way or another.)


steak and chips

halloumi salad

skinny chicken burgers


Exercise-wise, I felt much more in control this week. As much as I love exercising outside, sometimes it’s nice to go to an air-conditioned gym when you’re really hot and sweaty … just so you can go and get hot and sweaty there! Had a great Pilates class and I’ve finally understood the importance of thorough stretching before and after exercising, it’s really, ahem, opened me up. (Hip wise.) Although, there was an incident whereby I was on all fours having a lovely stretch, as you do, and a bloke happened to be nearby and well, things got very suggestive! It was great! First time I’ve ever been chatted up in a gym, but hopefully not the last eh?


  • Monday – leg day
  • Tuesday – cycling
  • Wednesday – cycling, upper body at gym, Pilates
  • Thursday – cycling
  • Friday – absolutely nothing (it was great)
  • Saturday – 10 mile bike ride and upper body at gym


I would highly recommend tracking everything you eat and your exercise because looking back at what I’ve done during the week makes me realise I’ve done more than I thought, I can see where I could have done better and, when the scales go my way, I can also understand how I’m able to still lose weight when some days I eat my weight in Star Bars.




Well I lost weight, so that’s positive. It was 0.1kg though, which isn’t even ¼ lb! But there you go, that’s on me at the end of the day. Well, me and the Amstell beer I drank probably. BUT, I know this is going to be a long, hard slog and it’s not an overnight thing, and every time I lose weight, however small, I take it as a win because I find losing weight so hard, especially as I get older. Everything I’ve written in this post is 100% true, so the amount I’ve eaten (and drunk), my highs and my lows, so whatever the scales say, that’s probably a fair reflection on what I’ve done that week. I can’t blame anyone else for such a paltry loss, but it IS a loss, and I’m getting there. Just REALLY slowly.


kate sutton lifestyle blogger


Stress affects my weight loss. It will send me one way or another. Either that knot in my stomach will mean I can’t face food, or I’ll pour half a tub of cream on a punnet of strawberries … just because. Because I think it will make me feel better. But it doesn’t, not even temporarily really, I do it out of habit because my head tells me it used to make me feel better. I’m aware of what I used to do, and I know where I ended up because of that, so I need to be smarter, and I’m trying, really I am. I know some of you must look at that 0.1kg loss and think it’s not even worth mentioning, but psychologically it’s important I recognise that I’m generally doing well – head-space wise. Because that’s where what’s really important. Man issues aside.


healthy lifestyle


Anyway, what Dexter doesn’t know is that his brother is coming home from Uni today (from Bournemouth) to surprise him for his birthday, so I’m so excited about that! Plus, I’ve just had a very Kevin & Perry-esque ‘demand’ for dinner, so I’m off. Over and out for now – please do follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and I’ll see you next week, and if you’re interested in learning more about the Thinking Slimmer download I listen to every night, you can find more information HERE.


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