When your week involves going to the launch of a restaurant and eating as many chicken wings as you like (and I’m not going to even mention the free bar), one can safely say that one’s diet has taken a bit of a hammering this week.


Look, I started out with good intentions, honest I did. I went to the gym on Monday, followed by a healthy salad when I went shopping, instead of the burger I really wanted. And then I went home and ate two Star Bars.


For the love of God, why do I do it? Here’s my excuse. Hear me out. (Men, look away.) I haven’t had a proper period for twelve years. Result right? And as I’ve mentioned before, my Phantom Cycle is being a right twat at the moment and I seem to have started to have full blown, grim, painful, awful periods again. WHAT A BLOODY TREAT! I’m in discussions with doctors about what’s going on, but in the meantime, at this time of the month, I’ve been reminded just how awful periods are. I cannot get enough carbs and sugar into my body! Seriously. I have just craved chocolate and bread all week and urgh, it’s SO annoying. I’ve had cramps so haven’t wanted to go on the organised bike rides, and I barely made it to the gym, let alone did a Spin class – but I did go on Monday, did Pilates on Wednesday, and I just about cranked out a mediocre workout today (Sunday).


But I do believe that we should listen to our bodies … to some degree. I’ve managed to find some balance within this week – I’m amazed I manage to do any exercise at all to be honest, so I just took the workouts down to three, some light cycling, and I tried to stick to 1900 calories as much as I could. I mean, I didn’t stick to 1900 calories, but I didn’t go completely off track. Apart from Chicken Wing Wednesday.


EDIT:  Someone just messaged me and said, “You tell us about all the stuff you shouldn’t eat, but what do you eat so that you lose weight?” I guess these days I just gloss over that bit haha, and I shouldn’t really. So, normally (this week not so much), I eat protein and veg, and limit my carbs – they just make me feel bloated. So for dinner (see pic below), I’ll have salmon and stir fry veg – I wouldn’t normally have the flatbread. Or steak and salad, or chicken in that herb paper. Simple but tasty meals – high in protein, low in carbs. For breakfast, I normally always have eggs – dry-fried or boiled, with maybe one slice of dry wholemeal toast. I’ve completely cut butter out of my diet – unless I’m eating a scone in M&S! Lunch, this week has been 3 slices of dry-fried halloumi, with salad and another egg or, as you can see in the pic below, a salad from Pret, with extra eggs for more protein. I find that if I eat more protein than anything else, it means I don’t snack. But this week has just been a little dodgy carb wise, and I’m weaning myself off it now, so I should be back to normal for the next 3 weeks. And also, I am fairly active insofar as I weight train, so continue to burn calories for a short time after I’ve worked out, I cycle, and I walk a fair bit … so that’s what I mean about balance. Yes, Star Bars, but overall I can retain some control. Hope that all makes sense.


pret salad


healthy lifestyle update


What I’m saying is that I remained mindful. I didn’t lose the plot and eat everything in sight – but on Monday night, because I wanted two Star Bars, I had them. There was no point in me pretending that wasn’t going to happen, so I just allowed myself to eat them, knowing that this was temporary, and that tomorrow was another day. I’ve said it before, but telling myself I’m BAD … or the foods are BAD, is a really bad idea. You should never feel that you’re depriving yourself, or that something is BANNED. Trust me, that will only end in you feeling guilty and going completely off track.






So, in summary, I felt like a big, fat, bloated blob all week (nice) but that’s life. And it looks like that’s going to be life every bloody (pun intended) month from now on. So, I shall remain mindful and not completely go off track. Listening to my Slimpod every night still helps, there’s a link below if you’re interested in hearing more about that.




Quite how I did it, I’m not quite sure, but I lost 1lb this week – bringing the total back down to 4 stones and 1lb. It’s been a bit yo-yo’ey over the last few weeks, what with Croatia and Star Week (I proper lol when people call it that), but this loss this week proves that if you remain calm when your body is telling you to eat all the bacon and doughnuts, eat in moderation, exercise gently … but exercise nonetheless, all is not lost. But 1lb is.


I feel a little more in control now, a week on. Getting shitfaced on Friday night was neither big nor clever (great fun mind), and I paid the price on Saturday, but I’ve cycled today, been to the gym AND cut both lawns, so I feel like I’m back on track.


kate sutton


Besides, I’ve run out of Star Bars anyway.


Onwards. Please do follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and there’s some random stuff going on IG Stories too – and I’ll see you next week. If you’re interested in learning more about the Thinking Slimmer download I listen to every night, you can find more information HERE.


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  1. I love that someone asked you what you do eat that’s good and that you shared some examples!
    I saw the chicken wings pictures you shared earlier in the week and was so jealous! Looked like a fun event xxx

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