It’s not every night you’re invited to eat as many Korean chicken wings as you can, but that’s exactly how I spent last night. Oh, and did I mention the bottomless beer too? Yeah, suffice to say it’s unlikely I’ll be weighing in this weekend.


Wing Wing is a Korean-style chicken and bear ‘chimaek’ restaurant, situated in Woburn Street, London WC1 and I was invited to go and see what it was all about. The word ‘chimaek’ is a combination of ‘chicken’ and ‘maekju’ – Korean for beer, and I had heard about this latest food craze before – Korean chicken wings are definitely flavour of the day (pun intended), and after last night’s feast, I can see why.


I took my lovely friend Clare, who I met in Italy last year. We had bonded over gelato, beer and boy chat whilst on a holistic retreat (I work for the company as one of my other day jobs), so it made sense I’d bring her along. Here are a few snaps I took of the evening.


wing wing korean chicken


wing wing korean chicken


wing wing korean chicken


wing wing korean chicken


wing wing korean chicken


wing wing korean chicken


The wings are painted (yes, with a paintbrush) with a selection of three different sauces – soy garlic, hot and, my favourite, liquorice. Sounds a little peculiar, but it went perfectly with the chicken which, incidentally, is free-range and double-fried so that it’s super crunchy. (Oh God, my mouth is drooling again!). We also tried out Katsu Bao, the soft buns above, which were filled with bacon and Halloumi, kimchi coleslaw and after dinner we were given these little pots of ice cream. On the bottom is a ginger flavoured icy slush that was also in our glasses of Prosecco.


Poor Clare had to literally roll me out of that restaurant last night.


A quick word about the beer as well. They use the ‘bottom up’ beer system, which provides ice-cold pints of beer in four seconds. FOUR SECONDS! Imagine all that extra time you’d have drinking! There’s a magnet at the bottom of the glass to cover the hole, you pop it onto the machine and it fills the beer up from the bottom – it’s fascinating. The very charming MD, Jay, was very gracious not to roll his eyes at all of my, “Ooooh look at that, it’s just SO clever!” gasps … I’m sure he’s heard it all before. But it IS very clever! 


We had a DJ, K-Pop playing on the big TV screen in the private dining area and waitresses who were really charming – nothing to do with the fact they kept our glasses topped up all night, honest.


All in all, a wonderful evening. Chicken? Good. Beer? Good. What’s not to love?


kate sutton


You can find follow Wing Wing on social media – @wearewingwing


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