I’m not a big wine drinker. A big vodka/gin/beer drinker, yes. Wine, not so much. Oh, apart from when I take part in wine tasting classes, or occasionally, if it’s fizzy wine. Oh, and apart from at Christmas. But generally speaking … it’s never been a bit of me.


And then Premier Estates Wine sent me a box of delicious fizzy wine and a mini bottle of champagne and I’m like, “I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT!”


wine with takeaways


But here’s the thing. I don’t tend to drink at home on my own, never have really, and so I thought it would be nice to share with my new man-friend. Except, he hasn’t been to my house yet, and I’m not going to cook at his (it’s a long story), and so it meant that, being the classy guys we are, we just drank each bottle with a grotty, greasy (but oh-so-ruddy-delicious) takeaway. And quite frankly, it was absolutely perfect.


Takeaway 1 – The Kebab


wine with takeaway


Aaah, the legend that is the doner kebab. Strips of leathered, greasy lamb, coupled with astringent raw onion and burger sauce … food of the gods. And also quite possibly the reason I put 2lbs on over Easter. We coupled this with Prosecco Doc Sparkling Wine and it was delicious. We finished the bottle between us way too easily and the great thing, and something I suffer with some other wine, is that there wasn’t a trace of a headache in the morning. This prosecco is made from Glera grapes from Valdobbiadene in the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy (I totally stole that from their website), and is currently on offer at £7.99 per bottle if you buy a case of 6 bottles.


Takeaway 2 – The Curry


wine with takeaway


Mmm, Butter Chicken – my go-to curry, but only because I panic order and never know what to choose. I’ll look at the menu for a good ten minutes before always, always ordering Butter Chicken, pilau rice, onion bhajis and naan bread (or Nan bread as he calls it.) Anyway, we ate this with a bottle of beer first and then went onto Grand Grand Rosé Vino Spumante Extra Dry sparkling wine and again, it went down really easily (oi, leave it.) It’s made with a blend of white and red grapes carefully selected to ensure consistency of colour, flavour and aroma (apparently) and costs the same as the prosecco above.


Prosecco is for every day, not just for Christmas – that’s my new motto, and so a big thank you to Premier Estates Wine for converting me. If you’d like to try this wine out, order by 4pm for same day dispatch and fast and free UK delivery.


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