I’m going away soon, to Croatia, and I am SO excited, I think I’m going to literally burst. I’m going to be writing a dedicated post about why I’m going (and basically telling any stranger I make contact with in the next week), who I’m going with and what I’m going to be doing, but it reminded me that I really need to update my bucket list.


Having a bucket list in my head of all the places I want to visit is something I’ve always done. Money has always been tight, so I haven’t always been able to actually visit these places (a minor detail), but it’s good to dream right? And actually, the list changes as I grow older, and my needs change. I have always pictured travelling either on my own or with Dexter but as he gets older and less likely to travel with me (because, “GOD MUM YOU’RE SO EMBARRASSING”) and, also because I’m dating again, I’ve started to think about different types of holidays.


I want to start with America. I’ve had a love/hate (or rather dislike) relationship with that country of late, like lots of people no doubt, but because I’ve never been … not even to New York, for me I just feel the need to at least visit once. Just to see what it’s like. There are so many places that appeal – Chicago, Seattle, Miami (where I would DEFINITELY fit in), California … in fact, a fellow blogger, Katie from Mummy Daddy Me, has just visited California with her family and it looks incredible. Who wouldn’t want to go to Alcatraz and then cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge right?! (You can watch Part 1 of her video HERE.)


And then there’s Cape Verde. This time last year I hadn’t even heard of it but my eldest son has just been lucky enough to visit with his girlfriend and her family and I am very, very jealous. Although he did get sunburnt wearing factor 30 so perhaps it’s a bit too hot for me with my fair English Rose with a touch of swarthiness-type skin – but a risk I’m willing to take for cocktails on the beach.


European city wise, I had bought flights to Madrid to visit last month but I think I mentioned, I couldn’t quite get enough funds together to make it happen, so I need to exorcise that demon (#DramaticMuch) and definitely find the time (and money) to go there. A good friend of mine visited Madrid with her son at the very exact time I was meant to be there so I lived vicariously through her – bumped into her in the gym changing room today, as you do, and she felt really bad bless her when I said I thoroughly enjoyed her photos.


But that’s the thing about travelling isn’t it? You can still enjoy someone else’s travels, be inspired by them, use it as encouragement and motivation to plan your own future trips, or update your bucket list. There are so many more travel options too these days – a holiday rental as opposed to a hotel – Clickstay is a good place to look, I travelled across Italy last year by train, which was a brilliant experience, and solo travel is going to be a big thing for me this year. Or will it? But don’t buy a hat just yet, that’s all I’m saying!


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