Now not that I imagine for one minute that any of you sit looking at your phones Sunday nights thinking, “Well she’s late with her blog post this week – I can’t possibly carry on with my evening until I’ve read it,” but nonetheless … I’m sorry the post is late this week. As I said on FB, man+cold+toothextraction+cyclingleadershipcourse+hangoverfromhell=lateblogpost.


I’m at that horrible, eyes watering/violent, back seizing-up sneezing phase, and I won’t lie, it’s not pretty. I’M not pretty. It’s at times like this that I equally wish I had a boyfriend that lived with me so he could look after me, but being thankful I don’t as the snot levels are high this morning.


Moving swiftly on.


It’s been a rollercoaster of a week, full of highs and lows.



  • Pelvic scan (no, I’m not pregnant).
  • Cold/Black Plague.
  • Hangover yesterday – OK, self-inflicted, but it was pain management.
  • Eyebrow wax (and tint) – the pain was worth it not to look like Denis Healy
  • Tooth extraction – holy shit, it was the worst experience of my life (well, one of the worst). If ever I need another tooth out, I’m going to make sure I’m (legally) high on Ketamine. Last time the dentist gave it to me, I thought I was Rihanna. But this time, they ‘just’ gave me 6 injections to numb the area, held my head tight (‘Sure! Clamp my head, I don’t mind!’) and then I got called a baby when I cried like a bitch because OWWW! A particular highlight – “You may feel a crunching in your mouth.” Wow.
  • Went for my first ‘social’ ride, but my new bike had a flat tyre so had to go back to the shop to get it fixed, so I missed the ride. Not the best of starts.



  • I collected my new bike from Halfords, courtesy of British Cycling (it’s BAE, now it works.)
  • I went to Zumba for a change as one of the instructors was leaving – smashed a 90 minute class
  • I won even more new business #highflyer.
  • I saw my man-friend on Thursday night and had another wonderful evening together (which may or may not have included fish and chips in the pub.) Then spent Saturday with him and again, my pain/moaning aside, it was another really nice afternoon/evening together. We watched the football (meh), drank beer (mmm), ate Thai food in town (yum) and then I think I may have drunk too much vodka to try and sort my gum pain out, but I tend to just pass out rather than say/do anything too stupid, so I’m not overly worried. *slightly nervous face*
  • I will write about the cycling Leadership course I went on for the Breeze Network but the group of women I met there were fantastic – inspiring, smart, beautiful women that I hope will be a part of my life in this new chapter.


See, rollercoaster.


(Wednesday’s post-Zumba face – I was that red):


how to lose 4 stone


(Thursday’s dinner):


fish and chips


(Thursday’s date face):


kate sutton


Monday-Friday, worked hard(ish) in the gym but I think I mentioned before, where I’ve been so stressed and (a little) sad lately, I’ve struggled with energy. It’s catch-22. When I feel like that, I lose my appetite and find it hard to eat – so then I have even less energy. My man-friend did buy me a Star Bar on Thursday mind you, which I had no trouble eating. #NotAEuphemism #OrIsIt


Calories for the week:


  • Monday – 1271
  • Tuesday – 1542
  • Wednesday – 1568
  • Thursday – 2081
  • Friday – 857
  • Saturday – 2177


9,496 / 6 = 1,582 calories per day on average


When you’re working hard in the gym, that’s just not enough calories I don’t think – no wonder I’m lacking in energy. On the plus side, my best friend was behind me in Zumba and commented on how pert and round my butt is looking, so I know the extra leg/squat work I’m doing is paying off! #ButtGoals




Now you know I’ve been chasing this 4 stone weight loss milestone for what seems like months, because has been months, and how last week I was 1/2lb away and how infuriating that was? Yeah, well I may have slightly miscalculated the conversion and I DID actually lose 4 stone last week! What a tit. And this week, I lost another 2lbs, so that brings my total weight loss so far to 4 stones 2lbs!




how to lose 4 stone


I know it’s ‘just’ another milestone, and I’ve still got loads more to come, but I am so pleased I’ve finally hit the 4 stone mark. Like I said, it feels like the weight loss is harder to come by each week and I really deserve every pound I lose because I feel I work so hard.


I’m excited by my new Breeze Champion status because it’s opening another door to me – one of longer distance cycling and, more importantly, being able to encourage other women to get out on their bike, so it’s all exciting stuff!


Have a lovely week, listen to your Thinking Slimmer slimpod if you have one, use My Fitness Pal to track what you’re doing to keep you accountable and don’t forget to follow me on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and if you’re interested in learning more about the Thinking Slimmer download I listen to every night, you can find more information HERE.


Onto the next milestone!


kate sutton

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    1. I think that’s why cycling is so great … especially later in life. Plus it offers so many other things too – the great outdoors, meeting likeminded people and the social aspect too, which I miss working for myself. I would recommend seeing if the Breeze Networks runs in your area and/or whether there are council run schemes too. Breeze tend to only do 1 ride a month, but my council do one every week. You can choose your level and it’s really so lovely being outside in this weather.

  1. Well done – that is fabulous. You also look gorgeous especially in the ‘date face ‘ photo. I’m convinced that slow and steady is the way to ensure the weight loss stays off so you are doing great. Hope the dental pain is improving x

  2. Boom! Well done.

    Shame about missing out on your cycle ride though.

    As for visits to the dentist – that sounds shit! I hate the dentist and am also having a course of treatment. God sake!

    1. Ah thanks my lovely. I went for a council run ride today, 5 miles (11 total) which was lovely in the sunshine! Yeah, dentists suck. I have to go back today as I think I have an infection – waaaaaaah!

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