I’ve got woman flu. Which is just like man flu, except no-one will listen to me moan and I still have to work. That being said, I have a really busy weekend planned because life doesn’t stop for us women just because we’re full of germs, am I right?! Which leads me nicely onto that little announcement I was banging on about a few weeks ago.


This blog has brought me a lot of opportunities, and I’m extremely grateful for every single one … although I should mention that I have worked hard for them all. Nothing in life is free. Take this week – I’ve been sent a case of wine to ‘review’ (#ItsAToughJob) and I’ve written a blog post about poo. It’s nothing if not exciting. But a month or so ago, I got an email that made me beam like the Cheshire Cat.


British Cycling got in touch, said they had been reading my blog, and they’d like me to become a British Cycling Breeze Champion!


How mad is that? Me. An Ambassador for a sports organisation. ME!


breeze champion


So, what exactly does it entail? They would like me to be part of their Breeze Cycling Network, which is social community rides for women, as they think I’d be a good role model to get women (back) into cycling, and I have to agree! (I’m so modest.) But after cycling a lot as a young girl, I think had a short … 25 year break before I came back to cycling, so know how it feels to have not ridden for that long. It’s important to build your confidence again in a safe and secure way, and that’s where I come in.


I hope that my renewed passion for getting fit later in life has come across on this blog. You (and I) have seen it grow over the last 65 weeks and everything I talk about, good and bad, is real and honest. I’m a huge believer in finding your passion in life, no matter what age, and I honestly never thought that sport/gym/cycling in any shape or form would become a passion of mine, especially aged 46.


But there you go – British Cycling understand that the best way to motivate people is to make what they do relatable, and I like to think that you can relate to me, so I’m excited to see what happens next.


Actually, I know what happens next haha! Tomorrow morning, I’m going on my first ‘social’ ride, as a member of the public, just to see what it’s all about. I should point out … I’ve even splashed out on a new high-vis vest, so I’m going for ‘cycle-chic’ tomorrow. And then on Sunday, I’m heading over to Berkshire (way too early) to take part in a Leadership course, so that I can be qualified to take my own rides.


Can you imagine? Me taking a group of women out for a bike ride? It would be an absolute blast! Although I have a feeling that technically it can’t be a pub crawl. But I’ll research that.


breeze champion


British Cycling have very kindly provided me up with a brand new bike too. A good job really, as my old one was four years old with a flat tyre and clunky gears, so as yet, I haven’t ridden the new one yet. I needed to take the front wheel off to get it in my tiny Peugeot, and haven’t quite got round to putting it back on yet! But I’m sure it’ll be fine … *laughs nervously*


My new whip:


breeze champion


I also have to go on a First Aid course, which is booked for mid-April, and then I’m all set. I’m hoping to bring you other British Cycling news as I go on this … journey …. Interviews with cycling stars, back-stage stuff, attending events, and I’m even hoping to get a GoPro to strap to my head so that I can look even hotter – if that’s possible. Suffice to say, the chances of me pulling on an all-woman bike ride, wearing a high-vis vest, and a GoPro strapped to my head, are quite slim. I’m also hoping to connect with Sport England and the This Girl Can campaign, and I’d love to bring you giveaways and exciting competitions too, so please do keep an eye out for those.


Anyway, that’s my news. I’m really ruddy excited about the whole thing because it feels like all the hard work has culminated in something tangible, something I can share with other women.


If you have any questions, fluorescent clothing related or otherwise, please feel free to ask and look out for some photos from the weekend!


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  1. That’s bloody brilliant Kate! I wish I was in your neck of the woods, I’d come along for the ride.

    1. Thanks Karan! Why not see if your local area has a Breeze network? It’s such a fun, social thing to do – let me know if you need any help with that now I’m ‘in the know’! x

  2. Hi Kate
    Great to meet you today, even though your bike ride didn’t go quite as planned! Hope you got the bike sorted ready for tomorrow and hope to see you again on one of these bike rides soon. Love the blog by the way!
    Lynsey x

    1. Lynsey! So lovely to meet you as well, although altogether too briefly. So glad you found me. The course was fab – please do let me know if you fancy going for a ride together, doesn’t have to be an official one. My work hours are really flexible, plus lighter evenings … it would be lovely to see you again x

        1. Fabulous! Well have a think about when you’d like to do it (there’s not another Breeze ride for another 3 weeks – although there are council run ones at Riverside every Thursday morning), but it would be lovely to take a ride of an evening. I can do most nights. You could perhaps message me via my blog FB page? x

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