It’s 5.30pm on Sunday and I won’t lie, I’m a little bit hungover, but I’m going to attempt to cobble together this week’s healthy lifestyle update for you – pure dedication! So … I went out with my new man friend yesterday (I haven’t decided what to call him yet – it’s very early days) and I clearly had too good a time, which is no bad thing right? Like I said to him, I work hard all week, at both of my jobs, the gym, eating well(ish) and parenting solo, so come the weekend, I’m going to let my hair down. So I came home this afternoon, ate a Crème Egg and went to bed for two hours.


Living the dream people.


But I’ll do my best to make this post relatively interesting – that’s all I can promise right now, and we all know once this is written I’m ordering Chinese food.


The week started with a leg wax (ouch) and an Indian takeaway (with pancakes for pudding) for my lovely niece’s birthday but in my defence, I only went 200 calories over my target of 1900 that day, because I had a light breakfast and lunch to make up for it. But OMG, those pancakes were lovely. I only had one small one though, and although it was covered in lemon, syrup AND ice cream, the old me would have had two or three. So there’s some progress haha!


I have worked so hard in the gym this week, partly because my new friend has started a new job so I haven’t been able to see him all week, so my focus is back where it should be, but also, I’m determined to keep pushing myself. Our bodies can get used to workout routines so it’s really important to keep switching things up, so I did a few new things this week that I’m pretty chuffed about.


Firstly, I’ve introduced LEG DAY, so a whole session dedicated to just my legs. I had previously thought that because I do so much Spin/cycling, I didn’t need to really work on my leg muscles, but I’d like to see more definition in my legs and also, making them stronger is only going to enhance my cycling.


healthy lifestyle


Secondly, and I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal at all, but I did some (un-weighted) squats – so squats just using my bodyweight. They’re great for your glutes, but because I have such a crunch right knee, I’ve always refused to do them. But I just thought I’d try it to see how I faired, made sure my feet were hip width apart, feet pointing outwards and the emphasis being on pushing my bottom right out, so it takes the pressure off my knees a little. I managed three sets and just made a point of turning my music up louder so I couldn’t hear the crunching! The aim is to build up to holding a kettlebell when I do it, and then maybe a barbell. But I’m going to build up slowly to that.


Thirdly, I went to Zumba again this week. I haven’t been for approximately two months and I’ve really missed it. (Remember I stopped going because I have Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot? Yeah, still go that.) Having had that break, I really felt it and had to sit out for a short while because I thought I had died at one point. I could feel it working different muscles and it’s just so much fun. My foot didn’t like it, and nor did my purse because I have to pay extra for this, but I’m hoping to perhaps go once every three weeks or so.


Here comes my post-Zumba face:


zumba face


And finally, and this is a big deal to me, I went running. I have no idea why, I hate running! I’ve dabbled with it before, but being heavier, have always found it incredibly uncomfortable. And then my foot issue blah blah … suffice to say, I just thought it would be that one thing I couldn’t do. Which is exactly why I decided to try it on Friday. I’d worked on my legs, they were tight so as part of my cool down, I decided to just walk it off on the treadmill. Except … something inside me just said, ‘Run.’ Simple as that. So I did. It was as if all the conditions at that precise moment were conducive to me trying it again. The gym was quiet. I had a long sleeved, black gym top on so the girls were contained. I was feeling confident, lighter, stronger. I walked for a few minutes and then thought I’d run for one minute. And then I walked for 40 seconds, and ran for another minute. And I ended up doing that for 15 minutes!


healthy lifestyle


In that moment, when I had finished, I felt like a bloody Olympic champion. I was actual Paula Radcliffe. My foot was sore, but not unbearably sore. In fact, I could have probably run further but didn’t want to push my luck, so stopped then. As a woman who has always been heavy and struggled with running, it felt so good feeling … lighter. I can only imagine it improving the more weight I lose.




Here’s the calorie count for the week:


  • Monday:  1894
  • Tuesday:  2197
  • Wednesday:  1639
  • Thursday:  1942
  • Friday:  2,035
  • Saturday – the less said about yesterday the better.




  • Monday:  Spinning (30 mins), leg day + 200 sit-ups
  • Tuesday: Cycling (15 min warm-up), 200 sit-ups + arm workout
  • Wednesday:  Zumba (60 mins)
  • Thursday:  Pilates, Arm, Chest, Back day + 200 sit-ups
  • Friday:  Spin (30 mins), Running (interval for 15 mins), squats, 200 sit-ups + leg day
  • Saturday –  does walking to the pub count?


I lost a grand total of 0.75lbs this week – not a huge loss, but I started my period this weekend and as I said, I’m increasing my weights at the gym. But it’s a loss, and I’m going to round that bad boy up and say a 1lb loss – so that makes a total loss of 3 stones and 10lbs. I’m delighted!




I’ve lost 1” from my waist in the last two weeks, a total loss of 5” from my waist in a year and I’m now wearing size 14 jeans. Although if you read my post about ‘When Online Shopping Goes Wrong’ you’ll know finding clothes that fit is still a battle when you’re shaped like I am.


So that’s this week’s healthy lifestyle update over for another week. I remain motivated but really need to watch what I’m eating because although my calorie intake is more or less OK, the quality of food isn’t brilliant, so I’m going to work on that next week.


Have a lovely week, and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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