The longest relationships I’ve ever had, apart from family ones, have all been with food or drink, which probably explains a lot. I think I was born with a sweet tooth and some 40 or so years later, I still have it… there’s just been a shift in the balance of power – I now have control over how much chocolate I eat. Some days, even weeks, I find myself going completely without sweets … other days, like last Saturday, I can eat three Crème Eggs in a row and not bat an eyelid.


But one thing I’ve never tried giving up is coffee. I have it every day, but if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I’ll have, wait for it, the occasional mug of tea … but only if it’s raining outside. That’s a bit weird isn’t it? (Yes Kate.) But coffee is my thing, always has been.


Those of you who have been reading this blog for a few years will know that I used to spend a lot of time in coffee shops – predominantly working, and on one particular now infamous occasion that some of you I’m sure will remember, dating, but the less said about that the better #CostaSofa. But I love being surrounded by the smell of fresh coffee, the buzz of a coffee shop and drinking it allllll daaaaay …. ahh, heaven.


Look … I even have a ‘I HEART COFFEE’ mug … and did you spy a big bar of Green & Blacks next to it? My life, in one photo:


give it up for lent


But I’ve always wondered whether perhaps I’m a little too reliant on it. I don’t smoke and rarely drink alcohol, and so I suppose it’s my go-to ‘vice’ whenever I’m feeling tired, or low (happy or sad!)  I just can’t imagine life without it. And I think that when something, anything, becomes so important in your life that you can’t imagine life without it, it’s a good idea to test the waters and see if you can live without it.


And Lent is here. And I’ve been toying with going caffeine-free now for a few weeks, so perhaps this is the perfect time to try. Now I live (for the most part) a fairly healthy life, and I want to see what the effects of removing caffeine from my diet are – negative and, hopefully, some positive.


So why not? I’m going to try and not have any caffeine for 40 days. Oh God, I think that means chocolate too doesn’t it? I did NOT think this through! But in for a penny … and talking of which, as I’m doing this for Lent, I’d like to share with you a link to Christian Aid’s ‘Give it up for Lent’ JustGiving page so you can read about their campaign (and so that you can set your own page up too if you so wish). No pressure, but if you’d like to visit my page, you can find that here.


We’re now into March already, so I’m a day or two late, but I’m starting from now. OK, just one more cup? No! Right, I’ve officially just drunk my last cup of coffee after a particularly heavy gym session, and I’m going to try and switch to drinking just water, sugar-free squash and, if I find myself struggling, I think I might try decaffeinated coffee too – so please send in suggestions of nice ones!


Wish me luck!


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  1. Oh I’m interested in this Kate. Like you, I think coffee (and tea) is my crutch. But I’m amazed that I’ve changed my chocoholic habits since starting SW 8 weeks ago. I don’t feel ready to give up caffeine altogether but might try some decaff coffee – it’s a start! Good Luck!! Xx

    1. Well I’m nearly a week in and have switched to decaffeinated – and it’s not so bad. I mean it’s not the same, but it’s OK – the one in Costa is nice. I had a headache yesterday, but that could have been the gin 🙂 x

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