Time for this week’s healthy lifestyle update and I must just say that this week was rather … interesting. Ahem. Because … and it’s no big deal because it’s very early days, but I’ve started seeing someone. As in *gasp* a new man friend.


Yes, I didn’t think the day would come either when I’d have a second date, let alone five (yes five) in one week, but there you have it. And the only reason I’m telling you is because my whole routine was understandably turned upside down this week .. #reallife. I wanted to explain how quickly I went back to some bad habits, and the knock-on effect.


I have learnt a valuable lesson.


So this week has involved drinking some beer and lots of gin, I’ve had two takeaways and I’ve been to the gym three times instead of five. I’ve been on board a cruise ship! My focus has been elsewhere and although I’m proud of myself for making sure I went three times and not zero times which, was rather tempting, I definitely felt like I had slacked on the healthy eating and fitness front. But such is life right? I’ve been working so hard at this healthy lifestyle ‘thing’ … and I say ‘thing’ because really I’m just winging it most of the time… that meeting a man has blindsided me.


Now I don’t know whether things will work out with him or not, and my health is so much more important than any potential boyfriend, but I had drunk that beer and eaten those burgers without even realising it. I mean I did realise it because it all tasted so damn good, but that’s just what you do when you start dating isn’t it? You want to have fun. Eat out. Drink lots. Not worry about how many calories are in a massive pitcher of beer at bowling (oops).


But I did fight Storm Dories to get to the gym this week! Here’s the proof!


healthy lifestyle


And I managed to get to Pilates on Thursday and I also did weights and spin as well, and also on Friday, really concentrating on trying to increase my weights and I’ve been surprised that after being so scared of hurting my back again, not only am I able to lift the same weights I was lifting before my injury, I’m now lifting more – how awesome is that?! I’m concentrating on my form, so that my technique is accurate and I’m keeping my body safe, but I’m pushing myself because I’d really like to build more muscle.


I’ve decided to now split my weight sessions into different areas of my body and so I worked on my chest, back, arms and shoulders on Thursday, and my legs on Friday. Christ, my inner thighs are killing me though, but it’s that sweet pain – DOMS they call it. Saucy. And I’ve continued to really work on my stomach with 200 sit-ups each time. AND … I even wore a sports vest to the gym because I’m really proud of how my body is looking right now. I mean, I covered it with a baggy T shirt but still, the thought was there! I’ve noticed that my bum is getting rounder and firmer, I’ve lost 2″ off my bust in the last month and even my arms are firming up more … although I do have lots of annoying back fat that needs to go!


healthy lifestyle


healthy lifestyle


The next photo really isn’t flattering, and I know you’ll all be jealous of my PJ bottoms, but I can see my stomach firming up, at least when I look downwards haha! Obviously, there’s still lots of fat there, but I can see more definition. And also, I wanted to share this photo because stretch marks are part of life and there’s no point pretending they don’t exist. AM I RIGHT? 


healthy lifestyle


So I’ve done some good weight training work this week, but less cardio. I’ve eaten some good food, but have also eaten and drunk a lot of things I shouldn’t have. I’m going to show you (according to My Fitness Pal, and I tracked everything as accurately as I could), how many calories I’ve had this week – there is a point to be made here:


  • Monday – 1,947
  • Tuesday – 2,453
  • Wednesday – 2,238
  • Thursday – 1,684
  • Friday – 3,225 (night on the gin)
  • Saturday – 2,804 (KFC)


Up until this week, I’ve been on a 1,700 calorie diet based on 20% less caloires than my BMR (basal metabolic rate – the rate at which I’d burn calories if I did nothing) – I thought I was eating enough, but that it was the right number to ensure I lost weight, but as you know, I’ve been plateauing and only losing the occasional pound.




I think you know where this is going. So my period is due, I feel I’m holding onto water. I’ve cut down my cardio, and increased my calories, I’ve increased my weight training and I weighed in a day early … and sure enough, I lost 2lbs this week!


It could be a fluke. OR … and more likely, it could be that I’ve not been eating enough before this week and my body has been in shock and holding onto fat. And that maybe I’ve been doing too much cardio, and not enough weight bearing exercises.


Either way, obviously I’m thrilled, because as I said, I’m winging it, trying to work out what works (and what doesn’t) and it feels like a bit of a break-through. I wish I had the money to pay for a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, but I’m not Beyonce (although I am in my head) so I have to try and work it out myself.


weight loss before after


I’m part of a very small community of like-minded friends on Facebook called Fitbitches, put together by my good friend Nickie, who blogs at I Am Typecast, who is a real inspiration in terms (well, of lots of things) but community running, and the group has been a real source of support for me this week. Women have shared their training plans with me, given me encouragement and advice and I would highly recommend you all surround yourselves with a small tribe of people that just ‘get’ it. That don’t want to sabotage you, and only want to big you up and help you.


If I continue to see my new man-friend, and I hope I do, then I’m going to have to find a way to balance everything – but then I’m used to that! But I’m excited. About the weight loss I mean! (OK, I’m blushing now.) But here’s a photo of me in one of the many outfits I couldn’t decide on when we went out on Friday 🙂 


healthy lifestyle


Please come and follow me and my journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – I’d love to see you there, and in the meantime, have a fantastic week.


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  1. Kate, you are looking fabulous. You go girl and enjoy exploring your new relationship. I enjoy your FB posts and have been catching up with blogs which are a great mix of honesty, inspiration and humour. Oh, and the recipes too of course.

    I have kicked 1 stone into touch with SW this year and although I can honestly say I can’t see me going to the gym, I am walking and cycling more (and faster) and feel great from the inside out. The hard part is maintaining that focus to keep going and move on to saying good bye to the next one.

    Best wishes to you.


    1. Hi Wendy, and thanks so much for taking the time to not only read the blog, but comment. And well done on your weight loss, that’s amazing! It’s incredible what a massive difference losing weight makes to our energy levels isn’t it? But keep going, you’re obviously on the right path, and you can always pop in here for a bit of moral support whenever you need it. x

  2. First of all I am so glad that you have found a man and I hope it works out for you both. But if not please have lots of fun. I think you are doing amazingly – as you say it would be so easy to think that the week was a write off and not bother – but you didn’t.

    Confession time I saw the FitBitches tag on insta and have used it and obviously don’t belong. Would love to if you’ll have me mind. I am no where near as hardcore as you yet – but my friend is trying to get me at spin tomorrow. Keep up the great work.
    pinkoddy recently posted..Teletubbies 20th AnniversaryMy Profile

  3. What a week Kate. How very exciting and i can appreciate the balancing act it has all become. You look fab in your Friday outfit 🙂 Oh and i hate my back fat too!!

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