As you know, I’m a regular gym-goer (gym-doer?), and as it’s not too far away from where I live, I like to walk there. I noticed last night that at 5pm it was still light, which gives me hope that summer isn’t too far away. It was also noticeably less cold though, and I got a bit of a sweat on (nice image) wearing my massive, thick coat.


I think, I hope, it’s time to bust out a thinner coat … something that will still keep me warm, but that isn’t too bulky … a Spring coat if you will (I will), and I have just the coat in mind, courtesy of Millets. Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t reviewed this coat until now because, although I ordered it in a size 18, because … boobs, it didn’t quite fit the girls. But it’s nearly there now, and I can still wear it, I just can’t do it up. Not yet, but that’s why I’m exercising so much, so that I can wear nicer, smaller clothes.


(A quick word about these photos. Being single means that I predominantly rely on Dexter to take photos like these, and he’s a teenager so has the attention span of a gnat, so he literally snapped these photos whilst playing his Xbox. But you get the gist of what this coat looks like on).


My grey coat is from Berghaus, a name I’m sure you’ll recognise as it’s been around since (Googles frantically) … since 1966, which is actually a British company, and it’s called the Elsdon Jacket. It’s grey with a beige shearling lining and, as I said, I’m wearing a size 18 – so if you’re busty like me, think about sizing up. I suspect we have a few more showers ahead, so it’s great that this coat is made of AQ™2 waterproof fabric, which will keep me dry on my daily gym run.


millets jacket review


millets jacket review


millets jacket review


We were lucky enough to also be sent a coat for Dexter who, at the age of 12, is the size of a fully-grown man. Taller than me, at 5ft 9”, with size 11 feet, you get the picture, so I chose a coat from the men’s range on the Millets website. It’s a Peter Storm jacket, in size large, and is called an Insulated Panel Jacket. He’s worn it every single day since he got it, I kid you not, and other parents of teenagers will know that finding something that they like is pretty much a miracle. He wears it to school, he’s worn it in the snow as well as rain, out with his friends, everywhere … and not once has he complained about being wet or cold. It’s a (post) Christmas miracle.


milletts jacket review


milletts jacket review


milletts jacket review


This coat is currently in the sale down from £90 to £45. He absolutely loves it, and when he grows out of it, which no doubt he will soon enough, I’ll be buying his next coat from Millets. (Couldn’t get him to let me take of photograph of him for love nor money mind you.)


There are some great special offers on the site at the moment … some coats marked down from £80 to just £35! So do take a look. The brand names are ones I trust, ones I know that will keep us warm, dry and that will last, so I will definitely get our coats from there again. We’ve been really impressed.


kate sutton

*  In collaboration with Millets.


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