Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s healthy lifestyle update, oh, and don’t worry, I’ve got over the pork scratching embarrassment from last week. I’ve decided that a) the scales are probably wrong (they’re not), and b) it is what it is right? We all have to start somewhere and everyone loves a pork scratching, so it’s all good. I’m clearly full of flavour, irresistible and delicious!


But let’s move on. I have been on fire this week, ON FIRE I tell you. My weekly routine is pretty much the same week in, week out … well, apart from when I get to go on cruise ships for the day like I’m doing on Tuesday, but apart from the whole cruise thing (lolz), I have a normal, steady, routine every day, which is good for me. I know it must be harder for people who have to leave the house early and work in offices, and I’m really lucky to work from home but I guess also, there is a lot of temptation at home too – it’s just a mindset thing isn’t it? ‘Just’ … like it’s easy. I know first hand it isn’t, but I do believe that if you’re determined enough, you’ll find a way to make it work for you. There is a way, trust me.


I had some really, really exciting news this week, and I’m going to be one of those really, really annoying people that can’t tell you what it is yet. But it is related to one of my big passions in life … no, not Idris Elba (unfortunately), but I can’t wait to tell you all! I’m just waiting for the official sign-off but I think, I hope, you’ll all be very proud of me. But I promise, as soon as they say I can talk about it, I’ll let you all know.


I tried a new Spin instructor out on Friday … no, not like that! He was standing (sitting) in for our usual beast of an instructor, and, although not that keen on change, he was great! He was a bit Smashy & Nicey to start with – my generation will get that reference – and at one point, when we had to clap our hands in the air, I was ready to jump off and go for a naked sauna (I always forget my cossie), but the class got better and I thoroughly enjoyed it in the end. It was all about interval training, which is fantastic for burning fat. I mean you feel like you’re going to die when your RPMs get up to 130, but because it’s only for a very short period of time (normally 30 seconds), it’s doable. My right knee wasn’t particularly thankful, but my thighs of steel were. Steel/jelly – trying hard to get that inner thigh firm, but nothing seems to be working. If you have any tips for getting the top part of your inner thigh toned up, I’d love to hear from you.




After realising I was going over my calorie intake of 1700 last week, I’ve reigned it in and stayed within in it every single day. Quite proud of myself because after I’ve eaten my evening meal, I get quite peckish late in the evening. I had some calories left one night so had chocolate spread and banana on toast as a snack. Went a bit heavy on the chocolate spread mind you, not for the first time, clearly, and it’s not particularly nutrient rich is it? But it hit the spot and it was mildly better than just inhaling a Double Decker. But I did have 600 calories to spare so felt justified. Although, I don’t really have to answer to anyone, only me.


healthy lifestyle update


As you may have read, I went speed dating this week, and although I would have preferred to have been drunk throughout the entire evening, I chose to drive and not drink. Primarily, so I wouldn’t have to drink unnecessary calories (when I could have spent them on chocolate,) but I didn’t have time to eat dinner before we went and when we finished, we had to walk through town to get to the car. We passed numerous take-away shops and it was torture. It would have been so easy to have nipped in for a burger, or portion of chips, but I didn’t. I had a packet of Go Ahead Yogurt Slices in the car that I’d bought that evening at the garage (the garage where I got chatted up no less!) so ate those on the way home, and had a Warburtons Thin Bagel, no butter, with a cup of tea when I got home. ROCK & ROLL! I was stupid to put myself in that position though, where temptation could have got the better of me, but I’m glad I resisted. It proves that this is ‘just’ all a mental battle, and one that can be won. (I did have 3 Crème Eggs on Saturday mind you, but it’s my cheat day, and I still only went over my 1700 calories by 600. It sounds a lot but in the scheme of things, it’s not. And don’t forget, my cheat days, used to be my normal days!)



  • Monday – Spin (my own ‘spin’ on it haha) – 50 mins + weights + 150 sit-ups
  • Monday – Spin (45 mins) + weights + 150 sit-ups
  • Wednesday – rest day
  • Thursday – Pilates
  • Friday – Spin (45 minutes) + weights + 250 sit-ups
  • Saturday – rest day
  • Sunday – undecided as we speak!



I stayed the same. Well, technically, I put a MASSIVE 0.25lb on (totaly loss of 3 stones 7lbs) but I’m not even going to bother recording it to be honest. I’ve really concentrated on building muscle this week, alongside cycling. Extra reps, bigger weights, more sit-ups … it feels like I’m moving into the next phase of my journey, working on toning my body and building more muscles. It’s really rather exciting! (I don’t know who I am anymore ha!)


healthy lifestyle update


I know I still have this fat to shift, but this week in particular, I don’t feel like I could have done anymore. I listened to my body and had a rest day when it needed it and I don’t want to do too much that I get injured again. My right knee is already dodgy and I have to be very careful I don’t mess it up too much.


So that’s it for this week’s healthy lifestyle update. Please do keep an eye out for my cruise ship shenanigans on Tuesday and for my super exciting announcement … well, when they give me the go ahead! And in the meantime, please do follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Have a wonderful week.


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