Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s healthy living update. I’m going to get straight to it and talk about my weigh-in.


I have my weigh-in on a Saturday morning and as I mentioned last week, I go to the gym to use their scales because they’re so accurate. Plus, if I lose weight, I can get a McDonalds on the way home! (Only occasionally, don’t worry.) Anyway, I went to weigh myself yesterday – did my usual full blown strip in the middle of the gym, much to the consternation of said gym goers, but the scales weren’t working properly, so I asked a trainer to come and help me … which just consisted of him turning the scales on. Ahem.


What I didn’t know was that these were ‘special magic’ scales that also measure your body composition and whilst we were chatting, he asked if I’d like to have my fat and muscle measured. My head was screaming, “CHRIST NO!” because it would mean a) he’d know what I weighed and b) he’d know what I weighed. I haven’t even told you guys. I’m just really weird about it, I don’t know why. I may address that in another post. Anyway, I put my brave pants on (I wasn’t naked, don’t worry), and said OK. I was curious to see how much of my body was fat – although looking in the mirror every day unfortunately gives me a very good indication. I wish I’d done this at the very beginning so I would have something to compare it to, but better late than never.


I stood on the scales and had to hold onto a metal bar which I held out in front of me. In the middle of the gym. My palms were sweating and I just prayed that no-one was paying me any attention. (Unfortunately, they weren’t lol … no-one talks to me (boohoo.)) So … I can’t quite believe it, although I can because MOTHER NATURE, but I’ve stayed exactly the same weight. I’m not going to moan about it because I didn’t put weight on but when you think this was my exercise regime for the week:


  • Monday – 30 min Spin on my own + weights + 100 sit ups
  • Tuesday – 45 official Spin class + weights + 100 sit ups
  • Monday – 30 min Spin on my own + weights + 100 sit ups
  • Thursday – Pilates
  • Friday – 45 official Spin class + weights + 150 sit ups
  • Sunday – 45 min Spin on my own + weights + 100 sit ups


… and I’ve been walking at least 5,000 steps every day … so you can see why I’m a bit miffed. I also stuck to circa 1700 calories every day. (More of that later.)


BUT … I don’t really care. Well I do, but I’m being typically British and am hiding my fury by saying I’m ‘a bit miffed.’ This is why I stopped weighing myself at the end of last year because some weeks the scales just don’t make sense and it’s easy to get annoyed. You can do everything right and you don’t get the result you want that week, but that doesn’t mean you’re not doing a good job, or that the weight won’t come off eventually. So I’m just going to suck it up, carry on doing what I’m doing, maybe increase my exercise a little more, if I can, and see how next week goes.


As for my body’s fat percentage, it’s 50%. I’m practically a pork scratching. It’s higher than I thought but then I’ve always said, I’m still really overweight, so it’s no surprise really. God knows what it was when I was 3.5 stones heavier! My muscle percentage is 22%, and my visceral fat percentage is 12%, which apparently isn’t too bad (I need to get it down to 10%). That’s the fat that surrounds all your vital organs, so that one is pretty important. So, in the first place, I need to get my body fat down to 45%, and my muscle percentage up to 25%. I like that I have something to work towards, goals, targets, and this will hopefully keep me on track.


But I do have HEIGHT NEWS! He measured me at just under 5ft 9″! I KNEW IT! So I’m not the Incredibly Shrinking Woman after all! Ha.


So HOW I increase muscle and keep decreasing fat, I’m not entirely sure. I know that if I keep doing what I’m doing it will eventually work, but I’m getting impatient and I’ve been wondering how to push myself further. I know in my head I’m capable of so much more, but my body isn’t as strong as I want it to be. My back is a lot better now, thank God, but my knees give me jip when I do Spin. So I spoke my Spin instructor last night about Personal Training, and it’s something I’m seriously considering. The trouble is, she doesn’t do personal training at my gym but she’s recommended someone that does. Except he’s really hot and I don’t really need that distraction lolz! But I’ve been ahem … admiring his work for a few weeks now and I think I might have a chat with him. And about the personal training.


I’d love to hear from you if you have one, or have tried, personal training before – it would be good to know what to expect!


slimming world before after




As I said, I’m still using My Fitness Pal to track all my food and although I thought I’d kept to a strict 1700 calories per day, looking back, I’ve actually gone over by 100-200 calories each day. I was only under my calories one day, so maybe that’s why the weight loss stalled this week. It’s so easy to go over your calorie ‘allowance’, especially when you’re burning a lot of calories in the gym and technically you could eat those calories (I try not to), but I’m going to try and reign that in next week. But having said all of that, you’ll see that I’m eating nice food, bulking out dinners with extra veg, trying my best to eat healthily and eat varied meals. I could do better though.


  • Top left: I made a fruit bowl as a pre-gym workout snack but holy JESUS, that’s 35g (just under one serving) of Crunchy Nut Granola and it was over 200 calories, so beware – it’s the food of the Devil … but SO tasty.
  • Top right: It looks like an actual dog’s dinner but that’s 3 (burnt) Porky Light sausages, tomatoes, 2 (broken) eggs and 2 slices of Haloumi, just because I fancied it.
  • Bottom right: My favourite Marks & Spencer Balanced for You Red Thai Curry, with extra stir fry veg on top.
  • Bottom middle:  Marks & Spencer Balanced for You Chicken Pot Roast, with extra veg.
  • Bottom left:  Grabbed an M&S lunch on the go – egg mayo sandwich, low cal lentil crisps and Pannacotta.


healthy living


I’ve felt great all week, really positive – I’ve felt slimmer (so that’s still a total weight loss of 3 stones 7lbs), stronger and I’ve worked hard at the gym. Yes, it’s disappointing I’ve stayed the same weight, but I can see and feel changes in my body all the time and when you get to my age, when getting out of bed makes you do the old lady “Oooooh, aaaaah” noises, I’m really pleased. You should have seen me in Spin on Friday night, honestly, I was a beast … pedalling like my life depended on it. Which, in a way, I guess it does.


slimming world before after


I’m focused AF right now, but would love a Personal Trainer to just take me in hand now. Ooooer. Because at the end of the day, I’m just a normal, middle-aged, overweight woman, trying her best. I love this way of healthy living but I’ll be honest, most days I’m just winging it. I don’t want to die at 60 like my Mum or Granddad did. I have to get this weight off, but keep it off. I guess through talking to you each week, I’m trying to just find my way – working out what works, what doesn’t, what hurts, what I like, what I hate … all on a week to week basis because I don’t always have the answers.


Listening to my Thinking Slimming Slimpod every night is still a big part of my success and if you want to learn more about what it is and how it works, CLICK HERE.


And one more thing to say, I got out of the bath after the gym tonight and noticed that there’s definitely less fat in the … ooh, what do you call that bit? The crease of my underarm? Anyway, there’s more definition in my shoulder, and less fat, so it’s all good. (Nice clean mirror Kate.)


slimming world before after


Anyway, enough babbling. You’ve guessed it, it’s time for my usual Sunday Slimming World Pulled Pork, so until next week lovely readers … and please do come and find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oh … and don’t forget to stay tuned next week to see how the speed dating goes! 


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  1. Hi Kate, you are doing fantastic and looking amazing I’ve been working out for the last 3 months, not doing cardio but weight training and my body fat has gone from 37 – 32% Muscle from 30 to 34! It feels a bit like cheating because I don’t get sweaty at the gym but I’m definitely giving my muscles a good work out. Can really see my shape changing too! Might be worth asking the gym if they can put a program together for you. That’s what I did 🙂 Does require some bravery, I now squat with the barbell in the men’s bit haha but I feel all strong and powerful (and a tiny bit like miss trunchball but that’s getting less!) xxx

    1. Hey Lucy. Thank you so much, it’s a slow process for me … maybe because I’m ‘well old’? But massive kudos to you for working so hard, especially when you have such a young family. I am so intimidated by the ‘mens’ area’ ahem, so to speak, that I’m not sure I could brave it. (There’s definitely a blog post in that!) Thanks again x

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