I’m not a fan of labels, or box ticking. It happens a lot on dating sites. Age? Over 40 and, for the most part, you’re considered on the scrap heap by the opposite sex. Build? If you’ve ticked the ‘A few extra pounds’ box, there’s a chance you won’t even come up in someone’s search as you can ask not to be shown those profiles. Nice huh? Location? No-one hot lives in Gillingham. Fact. (Ahem, apart from me.)


But one box I didn’t mind ticking was my height. 5ft 9” and proud. Not that I’m heightist … in fact I’ve got a friend who’s short (etc.), but seriously, the best sex I’ve ever had was with a guy who was 5ft 7”. TMI, sorry, but my point is, height has never been an issue for me. I like the fact I’m a tall woman, the height of my partner isn’t really relevant. I would say I’m different from the norm though … most women I know would never go for a shorter guy, but that means there’s more for me!


Anyway, I wasn’t always this confident about my height. I remember aged 14 moaning to Mum that all the boys were shorter than me and I was a tall massive giant. (Slightly prone to a little drama back then.) She said to me, “You’ll see, all the boys will come back from the summer holidays and will tower over you,” … and she was right. That woman was always right.


Fast forward 30-odd years and it’s happened even sooner with Dexter now taller than me, at the age of 12.


So I thought, either kids are getting taller, younger, or I’m shrinking. But isn’t that what happens to old ladies? I know I’m no spring chicken but COME ON! I’m 5ft 9”! I’m positively Amazonian FFS.


So I went to the gym and measured myself.


Hang on, 172cms, that can’t be right. That’s about 5ft 7″! Aaah, it’s because I measured myself. I clearly had the marker at the wrong angle. So the next day, I asked my gym pal Sarah to measure me. She made me even shorter!


So that’s that then. Another thing ‘old age’ has given me, along with the lone chin hair that keeps reappearing no matter how often I pluck the damn thing. I took some comfort from knowing she’d shrunk an inch as well, and she’s six years younger than me, but it’s pretty depressing.


I went back into my dating profile and un-ticked 5ft 9” … ticking 5ft 7” instead. Quite possibly, the most depressing moment of my week. And it’s only Tuesday.


Anyone else out there shrinking?

kate sutton

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