Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s healthy living update blog post (clearly still haven’t thought of a catchier title!)


I’ve had a really good week. I can tell my back is much improved because I’m not such a miserable cow. I suspect Dexter could have also told you that. It’s amazing how having an injury makes you feel so down all the time, and I can safely say that I’m feeling a lot better. I had my second Pilates class and got very zen … although I’m not sure how zen you can be if you’re taking a photo of yourself! And it is doing me the world of good.


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Another thing I wanted to do to ensure I looked after myself better was have a massage and on the spur of the moment on Saturday, I booked in for a 30-minute back, shoulder and neck massage at my gym. I was worried she would be too gentle but JESUS, I needn’t have bloody worried! I could have honestly cried it hurt that much. I seemed to have knots everywhere! I’ve clearly been bracing/protecting myself, which has meant that I’m tense everywhere. But she massaged out those bad boys and I came out feeling great (once I’d stopped crying.) I wish I could afford to have massages more often, just to keep everything in check, but I can’t. The one time I wish I wasn’t single, although my married friends assure me they don’t get massages either!


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Food wise this week, again, I’ve been pretty good I’d say. I partook in a few more ready meals (the M&S Balanced For You meals I mentioned last week), and this time I thought I’d try something different. Big mistake. HUGE! I went for the Chicken Tikka with Cauliflower Rice. Now I love rice, but it’s really high in calories and so I thought I’d try cauliflower rice for the first time. Bearing in mind it was lurking underneath a sauce, it was the biggest, sloppiest pile of shit I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. I managed one mouthful and had to throw away the rest. My friend likened cauliflower rice to eating, and I quote, ‘a rancid foof.’ Now I didn’t like to press her for too much information and ask her how she knew what a rancid foof tasted like, but I appreciated her description – I don’t think she was too far off. Now in the cauliflower’s defence, I think if you make it yourself, and roast it in the oven with lots of spices, it could be really nice. This wasn’t.


  • Top left: That God awful chicken and cauliflower rice
  • Top right: Lovely Red Thai Chicken Curry (again)
  • I’d baked cod in batter for Dexter, and did one for myself too, but it’s actually less than 300 calories – served with runner beans and fresh sweet potato fries
  • Remnants of a banana pancake and Nutella, with fresh banana.
  • And finally, 3 boiled eggs and a slice of unbuttered toast.


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Another thing I’ve done different this week is go for a long walk today. Sunday is, and rightfully so, a day of rest, BUT … staying in all day just makes me want to eat apple crumble and custard, so during the week I mentioned to my best friend I wanted to go somewhere nice for a walk. She was up for it too so we decided to go to Whitstable. It’s only a 25 minute drive from where we live and even though there wasn’t a drop of sunshine in sight, we just spent a lovely 2 hours walking along the seafront. It was bracing to say the least but we treated ourself to a cup of tea and a slice of tiffin afterwards, but we’d walked nearly 3 miles so I think we deserved it. It’s all about changing my mindset. Doing things differently. If I want to be different, I need to do things differently, and so I’m hoping that this can become a weekly walk. Dexter just isn’t interested, and that’s cool, he’s old enough to do his own thing (although I do miss him) … and this way we’re both happy.


Gym – worked really hard this week, in fact, I’ve been to the gym five times! Hashtag beast mode. So I did spin and weights, spin, spin and weights, pilates and spin and weights. So basically, lots of spin and weights haha! But I was really proud of how hard I worked this week. I’ve upped my weights to nearly what they were pre-back injury, and am making sure I’m doing lots of stretching.


For the record, no boys have spoken to me at the gym in the four months I’ve been there. Not one. I thought I should let you know, in case you were hanging on for a gym wedding.




I weigh myself at the gym on a Saturday morning now so I know the weight is 100% accurate and I know I said I wasn’t going to do it every week, but I am. At least for now. It keeps me accountable, I’m strict in that I don’t weight mid-week and I’m doing it because I’m still so very overweight – I have to know that what I’m doing is working.


That being said, because food and gym had been so good this week and, more importantly, I really felt like I’d lost weight this week, I stood on the scales with my positive pants on (as well as other clothes don’t worry). Now the scales are in kgs, and I didn’t have my phone with me to convert into old school stones and pounds, so dashed back to the car and got the calculator out. My first calculation had me at a 6lbs loss! My second calculation however, the correct one, had me at a 1lb loss. Grrr. I was so excited that I’d lost nearly half a stone when in fact, I just need to go back to school to re-take my maths exam.


Listening to my Thinking Slimming Slimpod every night is still a big part of my success (success – a subjective word, but my slow but steady success) and if you want to learn more, CLICK HERE.


But a loss is a loss, as you all know, and I’ll take that 1lb loss … especially because (drumroll) it now puts me into a new stone bracket – four less than when I started! Making a total of 3 stones and 7lbs.




I’m delighted, I really am, and I did my period maths and realised that I’ve got my phantom cycle today, which would explain why I’m perhaps retaining extra water this week.


The most important things that happened this week are pushing myself harder than I think I can be pushed at the gym, upping my vegetable intake, and going for a long walk today instead of vegging indoors watching The Killing (which is exactly what I’m going to do now.)


Hope you’ve all had a good week. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s Slimming World, calorie counting, or, like me, a hybrid of both, remember to be kind to yourself. Grab some fresh air if you can. Buy that special coffee. Put that Lush bath bomb you got for Christmas in tonight’s bath … whatever it is, treat yourself how you treat others.


Until next week … come and find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. I’m knackered reading you exercise schedule! Well done on your loss especially with it being P.C time. I’ve tried really hard again this week but not expecting a loss on Tues because of the “Phantom”. I can’t wait to break into the next stone number! I’ll probably cry.

  2. You are doing bloody marvellous girl x An inspiration indeed! Not least for weighing yourself. In. Public! Cauli rice made yourself is nice but word of caution, once zizzed up in the food processor, it acts exactly the same as polystyrene and sticks to everything and goes everywhere and gets in everything. But a tablespoon of water and steam in the microwave for 45-60 seconds is enough.
    BUT here’s my trick for an alternative to rice with curry etc and pasta actually when only a spag Bol will do

    Try the Japanese soba or udon noodles. One of them is 93 calories ( can’t recall at the minute which is which ) per serving and they are filling, tasty and make you feel like you’ve really eaten.

    1. Hey Rachel! Thanks for the comment, and for your kind words 🙂 The weighing in public thing … I’ve never weighed myself so quickly lol! On and off before anyone saw! I’m not a huge fan of pasta tbh, so don’t really miss it – and if I want it, I just have it in a small portion, but will look at soba/udon noodles … they sound very exotic! As for the cauliflower rice, not sure I cba to bother again lol!

  3. Bravo Kate.
    I love Whitstable and walking along the beach in winter is one of my favourite things. We now live near the east coast of Scotland and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit it can be colder than a polar bears paws, but so amazing.
    Well done on your milestone

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