Hi everyone. I’ve just got back from spending a night in a hotel on my own … oh my, it was wonderful! More of that in a separate blog post but suffice to say, getting away from day to day life on your own is great for recharging your batteries. (And for all-you-can-eat buffet breakfasts.) But I have just about enough energy left to write this week’s healthy lifestyle update. Not the most exhilarating of titles is it, but I’m not sure what else to call it!


I’ve had a really good week. Ruddy delighted that my back (yawn, she’s still going on about her back – sorry) seems to be holding out. I’m probably bracing myself a lot (saucy) when I do things, just in case it goes again, but I managed a full spin class on Friday. And one of my lovely readers came up to me afterwards and asked how my back was. I look confused, and then realised she reads the blog and I wang on about everything here haha! So hello if you’re reading. I survived the class, didn’t quite manage to do everything, but that is one hard spin class, trust me, so I’m happy with what I did.


Work – good. Food – good. Gym – good. Weekend alone in a hotel – GOOD!




I did something different with my food this week, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it long term. I have found that after the gym, and with my change in diet, I’ve been too tired/lazy to cook meals from scratch when I get in. And also, and more importantly, I’ve got bored with the type of food I was eating. So … I tried out a few meals from Marks & Spencer’s ‘Balanced For You’ range. The reason I say it’s not ideal is mainly because it’s 3 for £10, they’re not big dinners and I don’t know how they’re going to affect my diet. Anyway, I thought I’d try them out this week because they’re calorie counted, so I know the exact nutritional information in them, they’re high protein, low carb, and contain lots of vegetables. Cooking for one, as I do most days as Dexter and I eat at different times, can become a massive chore, especially when I’m the one doing the cooking all the time. There’s no respite and sometimes, I just want to bung a ready meal in the oven, go and have a bath, and afterwards eat something that’s new, healthy and delicious. I haven’t done it in the past because they’ve always looked so unappetising and unhealthy, but these look different.


Some meals this week:

Pineapple and sushi – approx 300 calories

M&S Balanced For You Red Thai Chicken Curry – 372 calories

Breaded chicken breast with Mediterranean vegetables (including 4 new potatoes, living the high life) – approximately 550 calories

M&S Balanced For You Italian Chicken Pot Roast – 484 calories

Wagamamas Teriyaki Chicken Donburi (chicken, rice, veg) – 933 calories (don’t get me started)

Concoction of leftover roast chicken, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes – maybe 200 calories

3 infamous Porky Light sausages, 2 dry-fried eggs, tomatoes, splosh of brown sauce – circa 360 calories



The verdict? Well, I can’t sustain it because they’re so expensive but, I have to say, they were delicious. I had an Italian Chicken Pot Roast and Red Thai Curry – I have a salmon dish in the fridge for tomorrow. The curry especially was amazing, seriously you’d never know it was a ‘healthy’ choice, so I’d definitely buy that again.


I feel a little guilty doing it, but God knows why, I don’t have to answer to anyone other than myself. And I won’t be doing it every day, just when I CBA to cook and my desire to pop into the kebab shop on the way home is a likely possibility. It will, I hope, just keep me on the straight and narrow.




The results are … that I’ve thrown my scales at home away because a) they’re shit and b) if I am going to weigh myself, whether that’s weekly or monthly, I want to do it on mega accurate scales. So I’ve started using the scales at the gym and I’ve lost 2lbs!


slimming world before after


Now, this is BIG NEWS for several reasons. 1. I lost 2lbs! After plateauing for so long it’s great to start losing weight again. 2. It means that eating those ready meals has only had a positive effect on my diet. 3. I now weigh the least I’ve weighed since I started a year ago. So it’s now a total loss of 3 stones and 6lbs and I’m hoping, fingers crossed, that the weight loss will continue. I went to the gym 4 times this week, including one Pilates class for my dodgy back, and I’m feeling really positive.


Listening to my Thinking Slimming Slimpod every night is still a big part of my success (success – a subjective word, but my slow but steady success) and if you want to learn more, CLICK HERE.


It could all turn to shit next week mind, but let’s hope it doesn’t!


Right, better go, we’ve got Slimming World Pulled Pork for dinner … AGAIN – yum!


Have a wonderful week and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oh, and a big thank you particularly if you follow me on Instagram because I now have over 2,000 followers! I know it’s such a small milestone, but I’m dead chuffed. So thanks.


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  1. Pilates will be more useful in the long run than anything. It snugs everything up and works every muscle in your body. If you stick with it you will see good changes in your whole body. Congratulations on your loss!

  2. The ready meals are expensive, and small. However, you can freeze them and have one ‘cheat’ night on them a week. You can also just get some ding-in-a-bag veggies to pad it out. Great loss and yay that your back is better!

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