What a random blog post title! But it came about because I’ve just done my first Pilates class in over ten years this morning. I only went because I was the youngest person there! You have to take those small wins where you can. But seriously, I’m so glad I went. After last week’s bad back scare, I’ve decided that I need to do things differently this year. It’s all very well building muscle, but I have to become flexible too. Oooer. These older ladies are more supple than I am! To run alongside that, I also like the idea of meditation, especially bearing in mind that my day job is working for a company who offer holistic retreats, so I’ve downloaded the Headspace app with a view to trying to find ten minutes a day to relax the mind and get all zen.


Another thing I did this week for the first time, was talk to my bank about Life Insurance. Christ, that was the most depressing half hour of my life. I only went in to open up a savings account! She must have looked me up and down and thought, “Yep, prime pickings,” and promptly went into sales overdrive. It really is a depressing thought but I’m well aware that I have nothing to leave the kids were I to pop my clogs, so I need to think about it now.


Moving swiftly on … another thing I want to do this year is drink more alcohol. Haha, that tickled me, sorry!  I just mean insofar as be more selective about what I drink (think quality over quantity). Life is too short to drink poor quality alcohol! It’s like drinking coffee without caffeine – why bother? A company called Masottina (Masottina.com if you’re a wine buff and want to learn more), got in touch with me recently to tell me about their wine and quite frankly, I reckon it’s about time I did some wine research! Preferably in Italy, where they’re based. I think the reason I’ve steered clear of wine before is only because I’ve not been particularly discerning when it comes to the type of wine I drink, but Masottina could be the brand to change me! Just look at this photo and tell me you wouldn’t like to be there right now.


massotina wine


Oh, and on a similar note, I really need to go out more. I say more, I still haven’t been out this year, but that can’t continue. I mentioned in a blog post this week about how I was losing my confidence lately, so I need to address that sharpish.


Talking of travel, I want to travel more. Of course I do. It’s one of my (unfortunately very) few pleasures in life. I’ve potentially got a trip to Croatia planned for May, and maybe Spain or Tenerife in the summer. And I get to go to Italy again for my day job. The Croatia trip I’ll talk more about nearer the time, but it will be a very different type of trip for me insofar as it’s for single travellers. More of that later, but the idea of going on a ‘singles’ holiday, excites and scares me in equal measures.


I need to read more. Read something, not more – I don’t read anything of real value (Buzzfeed doesn’t count.) I think doing a degree in Literature and Writing for four years perversely put me off reading for a long time. When you’ve had to read Ulysses, your brain can’t handle reading for pleasure, and I think I’ve just got into a mindset that reading is boring. It’s not, I spent years doing it! I just need to find my reading mojo again, so if you have any good book suggestions, I’d love to hear about them please. The last one I attempted was ‘The Good Girl’ by Mary Kubica – I read half of it on holiday in Venice … not touched it since.


I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be able to decorate the house we live in, so I’ve made peace with that! I just need to win the lottery so I can buy my own place again, but everything is ticking along nicely at home, so no concerns there. Looking forward to being able to cut the grass again (great calorie burner!) and I’m already daydreaming about getting out into the sunshine again. So definitely more cocktails in the garden in summer needs to be added to the list.


Oh, and one final thing … I definitely need to kiss more boys. But you have seen how my dating is going (read this post to remind yourselves.)


So they’re just a few things I’ve been thinking about. 2017 needs to be the year to try new things, but we’ve also all had a reminder recently (thanks Trump), that this year also needs to be the year for being kind to each other. There are so many bad things happening across the world right now as we speak, that we have to make a conscious effort to counteract that, albeit in micro ways every day. Think small random acts of kindness (for example, a man asked if I’d help take his Mum to the loo in M&S last week as she’d recently had a fall, so I happily took her and made sure she was OK) … to just smiling more. Or buying me a glass of wine. It all matters.


Over and out.


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