Well hello. Happy New Year to you all! And I guess this is officially my first Slimming World/healthy living/gym update of the new year, but I’m in a bit of a quandary. A crossroads. A pickle if you will. (I will.) And I’m hoping you wise people of the internet can help me.


I’ve documented my life on my blog every week for a whole year and Slimming World has been a massive part of my success – not that I’ve lost the equivalent of another person like some people, but success is relative isn’t it? To me, staying sane and pretty much on track for the most part of 52 weeks AND managing to lose weight and get fit along the way, is the definition of success to me. Anyway, Slimming World worked. Works. And it has helped me really change my mindset by getting me to look at healthier ways to cook food, buy fat-free alternatives to my favourite foods, cut fat off meat, dry-fry with spray oil, use sugar substitutes … and these are all things I can and will do forever now. (Apart from the occasional time where I slip up and can’t bring myself to throw away crackling when I make Slimming World Pulled Pork.) But look at this breakfast I chose when I went to a cafe this morning:


cafe fry up


… no, I shouldn’t have had that sausage really – it came in at 140 calories on My Fitness Pal, but I had poached eggs and no carbs, so it was a pretty good choice, especially compared to what I used to eat at that cafe. Let’s just say hash browns AND a fried slice. (And no-one mention the Pavlova I made mid-week, K?)


My Thinking Slimmer Slimpod has helped me gain control of my portion sizes, I never eat until I feel full, can leave a meal once I’ve had enough and I’m confident it continues to help me make good life choices (I still listen to it every night.)


But … as I’ve said before, my weight loss has plateaued now I go to the gym and even though I’m happy with how my body is changing (albeit not as fast as I’d like, but then I do have a life, so don’t live at the gym), it’s a new year and I think it’s important to keep re-evaluating the path you’re on, and see if it needs to be changed/tweaked (now we all like a good tweaking, am I right?!)


What I’m getting at is, what now? Do I carry on doing what I’ve been doing, and expect things to change? Or do I change things, even though things are pretty much going in the right direction?


See? Quandary.


So the first thing I’ve done is stepped away from Slimming World Facebook groups and stepped towards more nutrition and fitness groups instead. Having said that, there are people in these groups that are on Slimming World, or have done SW and are now perhaps at a similar stage I’m at where they need to have a rethink.


The second thing I’ve done is download the My Fitness Pal app again. I used it, clearly unsuccessfully, a couple of years ago, but then I don’t think I really knew what I was doing back then. So I’ve worked out how many calories I need to survive (doing no exercise), how many I need, based on that, to lose weight, and I’ve inputted all the details into the app. If you’d like to know how I did it, please just leave a comment and I can do a separate post on it.


Another thing I’ve begun to look at on the app, and research in the groups, is my macros. My macro what? I hear you ask. Macronutrients. How much of each food group you need per day – carbs/protein/fat.


I also track my exercise on there and it tells me how many calories I’ve burnt and adds it to my daily allowance, but I’m not counting them, and I’m just sticking to the same number every day. Apart from yesterday, and most Saturdays going forward I’d imagine, where I managed to go 800 calories over!


I’m still measuring myself – I’m the same as I was pre-Christmas, which is good because I definitely put weight on – and so it’s like starting from where I left off. I haven’t weighed myself for about a month now, but I’m toying with doing it again tomorrow, just so I have a new 2017 base weight to work from, and then only weigh once a month. I can’t tell you how good it feels not to weigh myself every week, but I DO need to lose weight for my health, so I have to track it, just not as frequently.


I bought this red dress last week in the Lady V sale, and I love it. It’s a size 16 but it doesn’t do all the way up at the back, only to my waist, and it does nothing for my stomach either just yet, but I love the style, the colour and, ignoring the fact I’ve got nowhere to wear it to, I’m going to take another photo of me wearing this in a few months’ time to see the difference:


slimming world before after


It’s really hard to ignore ‘the girls’ so sometimes you just have to let them free haha! 


I’ve rambled, sorry, but I think what I’m saying is that I’m sticking with the SW principles but am also starting to look closer at the nutrition of things and whether tracking absolutely everything from now on will make a difference. Whenever I input a food I’ve eaten into the app, I honestly can’t believe how many calories are in some foods, so I’m learning more about the best things to eat and avoid.


I know that SW isn’t about calorie counting, but I’m curious to see if you can eat a SW diet alongside limiting the amount of calories, AND working hard at the gym, and whether THAT will finally get the weight to shift.


So that’s where I’m at. In a bit of a weird “What do I do now?” phase, and just trying to figure things out as I go. Ideally, the hot Personal Trainer at my gym will say to me, “Kate, I’ve watched you from afar, you’re amazing etc, and I would love to take you on as a client for no charge. Oh, and be my girlfriend as well, thanks.” But I’d say that’s fairly unlikely to happen, so I have to continue to take charge of my own life myself. Which is no bad place to be.


If you have any tips going forward, whatever they are, I’d love to hear them, and well, I’d love to hear from you anyway!


I have a good feeling about this year and my aim is to lose another 2 stones and 1 dress size by the summer. What are your goals?


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Much love!

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  1. Hi, been following your story with interest and quite simply you’ve been an inspiration on my bad weeks. I commenced my weight loss a year ago today and have to date lost just over 10 stone. I have done it with the help of my fitness pal counting the calories, sw magazines and online apps for healthy meal ideas and exercise, mainly walking loads!

    1. Hi Maxine! Wow, you are an absolute inspiration, that’s incredible! Although I’ll have to try hard and not get too jealous 🙂 I can’t walk alot because of my dodgy foot, but am doing a lot of cardio at the gym, so I’m hoping if I can get the right combination, like you’ve done, it will continue to work, but watch this space!

  2. I totally agree with what you are saying – and really do get your dilemma. SW was always my go to diet – I never went hungry and the weight slowly came off. What I noticed was as soon as I fell of the wagon, inevitably preceded by a plateau in my weight loss, I always put the weight back on.

    Late 2016 I was so frustrated and getting ready to get back into SW when a friend introduced me to my fitness pal in combination with intermittent fasting (16:8). Having nothing to loose apart from my love handles and third chin I thought I would give it a go – after all it was free. It was the best decision I made. I have slowly learnt about macros, carb cycling and making wiser choices – which did at first seem totally alien to my SW way of living. I lost 25lb in 10weeks and while I did fall off the wagon over Christmas I have returned and am already beginning to feel the benefits.

    Have a look at 16:8 – it is an option that might help you on this next stage of your journey. Good luck.

    1. Hi Shareen, thanks for commenting. I’ve read about a lot of women today who have said that they’ve put their SW losses back on over time, which is a little worrying. I can’t let that happen. Fasting is something that’s also spoken about, along with macros, in these new fitness FB groups I’m in so I’ll definitely look at the science behind it and see if it’s another option, but it sounds like you’ve done amazingly well on it, congratulations!

  3. I got to a plateau point with sw too but sort of persevered and eventually I’d lost 5st 12…I did add my fitness pal too and I exercise regularly…but then it plateaued again and I can’t seem to get past my current weight so I’m thinking that sometimes it’s good to mic things up a bit as our bodies must get used to what’s being given to it as food and as exercise! Good luck!

  4. I am no expert and I have no idea what SW entails but when I have lost weight successfully while exercising a lot it was down to eating a lot more protein than I thought possible and barely any carbs. My Fitness Pal was a bit of a lightbulb for me because it helped me compensate when running, I find it so hard to know how much to eat when really seriously exercising. I need to get back on it, you are so inspiring. Plus, my running club coach always tells us to think of the work that’s happening we can’t see. I think if the scary dangerous fat we can’t see that lurks around organs. Rambling now, but you look fab, love that dress and thanks for inspiring me – I did two days of great eating and exercise last week, hoping for 5 this week!

    1. Hey Penny. My diet is fairly high in protein and low carbs, plus some fruit and veg, so I don’t quite understand why the weight isn’t coming off – although cheat days on a Saturday need to go I reckon! But yes MFP will help me I think. Well done on having two positive days last week – it’s not easy, especially post Christmas. Mwah x

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