The Effect of Cannabis on Rheumatoid Arthritis     

One of the most frustrating illnesses to live with is Arthritis. I should know, my Dad has had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over a year, and I would have given anything to have not seen him in pain.


A natural way of curing the symptoms of some medical conditions is marijuana and can be used for various conditions like chronic pain and arthritis. The first time that cannabis was recorded as a medicinal drug was in the year 2737 BC by Shen Nung, a Chinese emperor. He recorded the efficiency of the drug in treating pains of gout and rheumatism. However, the medical use of marijuana has been highly politicised and debated.


There is a large network of cell receptors in the body is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS has a wide effect on different bodily functions. These include sleep, pain, the immune system, mood and appetite. Cannabidiol or CBD oversees the modulation of the immune system. It is greatly helpful for conditions that are autoimmune like rheumatoid arthritis. That is the reason why CBD oil is becoming popular among those who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Four thousand years ago, marijuana was called a treatment that reverses rheumatism by the Chinese.


In recent years, research has shown that cannabis reduces the pain of arthritis and calms the immune system and reducing the pain of related symptoms.


Rheumatic diseases are those that affects connective tissues and joints. An example of these is rheumatoid arthritis. People that suffer from these diseases experience severe pain. A lot of them have turned to marijuana for relief. Those with rheumatoid arthritis suffer from inflammation and cannabis can help with this. Evidence has shown that cannabis is one of the tools for managing chronic pain. In a clinical trial that took place in 2010, it was discovered that those who smoked some small doses of Cannabis were helped against the pain caused by arthritis. The plant of Cannabis contains a lot of different chemical compounds and some of them seem to have an anti-inflammatory function.


A symptom of Rheumatoid Arthritis is chronic pain. Human experience and medical research has shown that the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis called THC can treat chronic pain efficiently. Researchers discovered that CBD can reduce inflammation and pain signals-a very important fact for people that who suffer from joint tissues. This lead them to conclude that there is a possibility that Cannabinoids can be used in the treatment of chronic pain as the Cannabinoids decrease inflammation and stop the transmission of pain.


Marijuana reduces inflammation, decreases pain and helps with sleep. This makes it good for people with chronic pain conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Those who have chronic pain also suffer from loss of appetite. The use of marijuana reduces pain, stimulate appetites and encourages the body to eat and gain nutrients to win the fight against diseases.


There are several products available in the market. Some are popular also among athletes. For example, cannabis infused balms and creams called ‘cannabis topicals’ are necessary for any body or joint pain. These creams provide a good dose of cannabinoid medicine to a localised area.  This kills inflammation and pain right at the source. CBD and THC both have great potential for fighting arthritis pain.

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