It’s about time we celebrate English culture, food and drink in other ways, besides heading to the chip shop after an evening at the pub! St. George’s Day is on a Sunday this year, so I plan on doing a bit of celebrating during this holiday-less and somewhat dreary period.  No festivities are complete without a tasty meal or at least some snacks, but I know that I can’t go overboard with the decadence.  Here are a few healthy and fun ideas I’m going to test out on some of my friends.  They’re all English (in one way or another) and delicious all around!


1. Pimm’s with Fresh Cucumber


pimm's cocktail


Instead of mixing up liquors with coke and sour mix that are full of calories, try this light, delicious cocktail that contains no sugary drinks and comes garnished with fresh citrus and cucumber.  Pimm’s is an English classic and the perfect way to welcome a guest to your St. George’s Day party!


2. Fish and No Chips


If you can’t get the thought of some tasty fish out of your mind on St. George’s Day, it’s ok!  Pick up a piece of cod, and instead of frying it up in a vat of grease, give it a bake instead with some sauce or fresh herbs.  Replace the chips with lemon rice and nuts and you’re ready to go!


3. Master a Curry




Choose a curry from the many amazing varieties and take the time to do it right.  Don’t just dump a jar of something or other in the pot and add a bit of lamb, but get all the individual ingredients and spend the day learning how it’s done.  It’s really rewarding, healthier and tastier than the processed stuff.  If you make a mistake, it’s no big deal! 


4. Lean Turkey Cottage Pie


I think this classic English comfort food came after St. George’s time, or maybe he made his with minced dragon!  This cheesy, potato packed recipe isn’t known for being low in calories or carbs, but there are ways to make it a little lighter.  Try using half potato mash and half cauliflower and replacing the ground beef with minced turkey.  It’s just as good and won’t leave you bloated or regretful!


5. A Fresh Trifle to Finish




I couldn’t end the list without at least one dessert, and this one is decadent and guilt-free!  It’s a classic English trifle, but without all the frills and additives (which basically amount to loads of artificial ingredients and processed sugars). It’s best to use fresh, seasonal fruit and avoid the frozen food aisle, and the cream can be made at home with relative ease.  The result is a sweet and subtle trifle that’s as light as a cloud and fruit packed with flavour and vitamins.


I hope you choose to spend St. George’s Day with friends and family this year.  If you decide to make a healthy twist on an English classic, do let me know and send in some photos.



*  This is a collaborative post.

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