After deciding last week that I wasn’t going to weigh in every week, I honestly wondered whether to bother doing these weekly updates anymore. For two reasons really – firstly, I wasn’t sure people would still want to read these blog posts knowing that there wouldn’t be an official ‘results’ section, at least not insofar as pounds lost, and secondly, Mince Pie Season #MPS has arrived and I’m struggling.


But then I realised a few things. I like writing this weekly posts, I like ‘talking’ to you. And it keeps me accountable because I know some of you have invested time in reading about how I’m getting on, so it doesn’t seem fair to just stop like that. I find it quite cathartic looking back at what my week has been like each week, for better and for worse, and I know you appreciate my honesty.


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But it hasn’t been a great week. It started out well – gym on Monday, and I dragged my friend Sarah along, so we did a session together. I made up a little circuit for us of barbell, dumbbells and really enjoyed it. Spin Tuesday, and Zumba Wednesday. But then it all went a little tits up to be honest.


I had a real flare up of my old lady Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot whilst at Zumba and was in agony. That, coupled with my PC (Phantom Cycle) whereby my boobs are in absolute agony, I decided to rest for the next two days. Which then ended up being four days. So now I’m sat here on Sunday, full up on mince pies and Quality Street, feeling pretty rubbish. (Although my foot feels a lot better.)


So sadly, I think I may need to give my beloved Zumba up in the New Year. It was this high impact exercise that caused the foot issue in the first place, but it’s been so good for me in so many other ways, I’ll be really sorry to have to give it up. I’m going to give it one more go next Wednesday, the last class before Christmas, and see how I feel afterwards.




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And the whole Christmas food thing. I knew I would relax a little over Christmas, but I had planned for that to only be for about 3-4 days, not start two weeks before Christmas! I hate the fact the guilt is creeping back in … IT’S CHRISTMAS FFS! Why shouldn’t I relax my diet for a little while? Because it’s a ruddy slippery slope, that’s why, and I’m worried I’m going to fall back into bad habits.


Urgh. I hate feeling like this. I think it’s because I get very emotional around Christmas-time, with Mum not being here, and it’ll be the one year ‘anniversary’ of starting this journey on Boxing Day and it’s making me nervous for some reason.


I’m rambling, sorry. I’m being distracted by the horror that is the fourth Transformer film being watched by Dexter in the background, and there’s another mince pie with my name on it. See what I mean? I’ve broken the mince pie seal and it cannot be undone.


Ho hum … it’ll be a good Christmas and I’m really looking forward to spending it with my family this year. I don’t really eat cheese at any other time of the year (weirdo), so I’m looking forward to getting my cheese board on, and the bottles of Aperol that have been collecting dust over the Autumn, yeah, they’ll be drunk.




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So in terms of results, I measured myself after four days of not going to the gym and two days of eating off-plan, I’ve remained the same. Boobs and tummy are bloated, but that’s as much the time of the month, but it’s amazing how crappy it makes you feel. I wore actual clothes to my Costa date with my BFF yesterday (as opposed to gym gear) … just leggings, knee-length boots and a (size 14) jumper, and I felt really good.


So no harm done. I’m going to do as much as I can this week, or rather as much as I feel like, and know that this is all about the bigger picture. This whole thing is for life, not just for Christmas haha!


Hope you all have a great week – I may well weigh-in next Saturday, or I might not, I’m not sure. I know that the stress of weighing in each week doesn’t help me, so we’ll see. But please do all stay tuned in nonetheless … I’ll miss you if you leave!


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  1. Please keep writing each week. I look forward to hearing how you are doing. It keeps me going.

    I think you look amazing and you should be so proud of yourself!!

  2. Oh that made me feel sad reading that – I think we all have these weeks and it’s about managing it for life – the whole reason we all keep going is because we get these blips but they straighten out again and you just need the support of someone to say – Hey , that’s this week! Guilt in the bin it’s Christmas – okay you had your mince pies and Quality street so now put the lid on it and get back on plan. Then have your Christmas day and spend the following week making SW meals with the leftover turkey :). You could do a fun kind of exercise instead which is less strain on the foot – like ballroom dancing or burlesque dance or just even spin classes ? My husband has this foot thing as well and he manages to ballroom dance. Your posts are lovely – I don’t comment usually but I always enjoy them loads. Come on perk up – remember that Shania Twain song – look how far you’ve come!!!!! Sending you positive smiles and vibes x

    1. Hey Frankie. Oh I didn’t think/mean for it to come across as sad, I just write as I speak, but perhaps subconsciously I am feeling a little sad at the moment – just a combination of things. Spin is OK for my foot, and I can work out in the gym with no problem, so I’m ok on that front. And it’s now Monday, so I’m going to, as you say, try and draw a line under the last 4 days and get back on track. The funny thing is, even with what I’ve eaten in those 4 days, I’ve still not gone back to ‘how’ I used to eat – insofar as massive bars of chocolate, or Chinese takeaways. And I had 4 Quality Street instead of 40 lol – so that’s progress, in some weird way! Thanks for the pep talk, much appreciated x

  3. Hugs to you. I miss my Mum too and it does add an undertone of sadness and anxiety at Christmas because I so want things to be lovely but am honestly not quite sure that ever happens without a parent around after having one so close for so long. Ten years in and I think I’m beginning to reconcile it. More hugs!

    Re the foot – I’ve been where you are but with running instead of zumba and bunions with related knee props instead of PF. I don’t know if you’ve tried this already but if not…. think about going and getting fitted for a good running shoe with max support to minimise any problems that might be getting exacerbated by under or over pronation. I know Nike etc. would have us believe that pretty shoes are absolutely fine for all exercise but they really aren’t. The cost of a good pair will hurt at between £85 and £110 but they may also save you from having to quit which, IMO, is pretty priceless ;-))

    Keep going, wonderful woman. xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Heather, and I’m sorry you’re facing another Christmas without your Mum too. It’s so hard isn’t it? As for my foot, I think giving up Zumba will help. But I have also paid for my gait to be measured and ‘proper’ shoes bought before, but that was years ago, and I probably really need to re-invest. I just can’t afford it at the moment, so it’ll go on the wishlist! x

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