It’s time for this week’s Slimming World results update and I want to first talk about the sad step … aka the scales.


I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how you shouldn’t weigh yourself, moreover you should judge your progress by how your clothes fit, or how many inches you’ve lost – this being said most noticeably by Joe Wicks (hubba hubba) The Body Coach. And for a long time, I’ve poo-pooed what they’ve said. Surely it’s uber important to know exactly how much weight you’ve lost, how else are you going to keep on track?


Well I think this week I’ve finally had a bit of a revelation, and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to track my progress via the scales anymore.


slimming world before after


As you know, my weight-loss has really slowed down since I’ve been going to the gym and I’ve significantly increased my exercise. Bit of a ball ache tbh, but I figured it would start to shift again. But it hasn’t really. I mean, I lost 1lb last week and 1/2lb the week before, but considering how much hard work I’m putting into exercising and eating well, I would have thought the weight would be falling off.


It’s not, and it’s been making me a bit miserable. That is, until I gave myself a swift kick up the bum and looked back at how many inches I’ve lost since I started measuring (5” off my waist alone since March) and I can’t remember if I told you, but I bought a pair of size 14 jeans from M&S and they fit. They’re tight, but they fit. And more importantly, I feel strong. Like really strong. My stamina has taken me by surprise but each time I do a class, be it Zumba or Spin, I can’t believe how much further I can push myself each time. So much so, that a lady came up to me at the end of an Advanced Spin class last week and said, “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be personal,” … and I’m like am I going to have to whip yo ass? “… but you’ve lost an amazing amount of weight haven’t you? I can’t believe how different you look, and your stamina in this class is amazing – I couldn’t keep up with you!”




I love it when women empower each other and take the time to say nice things – it makes such a difference! So let’s all try to do that a bit more shall we? It made me feel so good because someone else had noticed how hard I was working. I think because I’m single, and I’m doing this all on my own, I don’t really get much recognition from people IRL (people online are fab!), so I really appreciated this.


So, in a roundabout way, what I’m saying is that if you work hard, eat right, put the hours in at the gym (or wherever you can), it will pay off. It might not pay off on the scales, at least not yet, but it’s working. It’s all going in the right direction, ie. downwards, and I can see the results each time I ponce about in my bedroom in high heels on a Sunday!




post gym faces


This week, I made a real effort to work out every single day, the only day off I’ve had is today, Sunday. I even went to a Spin class at 8.45am on Saturday morning! I have been ON IT this. And I’ve really stuck to eating my syns and not going over, and I’ve cooked delicious, healthy meals 3 times a day, every day. On paper, everything was perfect this week.




slimming world dinners


None of my dinners/lunches look pretty, I know that I’m no Heston, but they were all delicious, Slimming World-friendly dinners. Those are Porky Light sausages, which I believe are 0.5 syns per sausage and they’re delicious, with some skinny meatballs, bubble and squeak (top tip, don’t eat that if you’re going to exercise – damn thing was repeating on me even 5 hours later!) – 2 lots of salmon with stir-fry veg, a jacket potato and salad whilst out (no butter or dressing). So lots of speed veg in most of my dinners (lots hidden), no desserts, all on point.




And I put 1lb on. So maybe now you can see why I’m talking about the sad step this week. I think maybe what I’ll do is weigh once a month and record that, or weigh in every week but just not be ruled by what it says. I honestly have never felt better in my life and I’ve put weight on this week! It’s crazy isn’t it, but it does go to show, that the scales don’t show how much I’ve sweated this week (look below for evidence!), nor does it show how I turned down a KFC, or cooked stir-fry veg, even when I wanted a bacon sandwich.


So that’s where I’m at. I’ve had a fantastic week, and I’ve even found the confidence to try out barbell and kettlebell exercises at the gym, to mix things up – it wasn’t as scary as I thought! And I’m still listening to my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod every night as I sleep, and that means that I never overeat or binge, and I have a positive frame of mind. Click on the link if you want to learn more (or feel free to message me.) 


Have a wonderful week, and it would be lovely if you could follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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