Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. And as much as I’m all for embracing who I am and how old I am, if I could stay 18 forever, I would. God, that was such a good age. Youth is wasted on the young though, and I don’t think I realised quite how good I had it back then. Pert boobs, boys after me all the time, and the world at my feet. *dramatic sigh*


As I’ve got older, I’ve noticed things change about my body. Yes, gravity (unfortunately) plays a big part, but there are other, smaller things, that have happened that no-one ever forewarned me about.


Firstly, my hair. I’ve always had masses of thick hair – so much so, they called me Hair Bear Bunch at school after the cartoon, but suffice to say, I gave Jon Bon Jovi a good run for his money. Now my hair has thinned out a little, although you won’t notice it to look at it, but I can see it’s receding a little at the top. I don’t need a hair transplant just yet, (but FUE hair transplant costs are here if you do!) … but my hair was something I was always so proud of, I’m worried I’m going to wake up one day and find my hair’s fallen out and I’ll look like a boy.


hair bear bunch


OK, so I’m never going to look like a boy with these bad boys *points to boobs* and yes, gravity has taken its toll a little, but actually, I don’t think they’re looking too bad at all. I’ve started to wear a lightweight non-wired crop top/bra type thing to bed every night now, just to give them a little more support and it’s something I should have done years ago. Mind you, it’s not very sexy – but there’s no-one here to see it anyway! But I think if you always give the girls lots of support, and moisturise well, you should hopefully slow down the effects of gravity.


Skin. I suffered from bad spots as a teenager, and had to have medication from the Dr, so once I got through that period, my skin has been pretty good. I like to think that I went through enough pain when I was young, so I’ve been cut some slack now. My Mum had great skin, and not many wrinkles, and although I bear a few marks of teenage problem skin, I’m hoping I’ve taken after her. (For the record, some guy at a party on Friday said I looked 29. I mean it was dark in there, but still.)


Facial hair. It’s not something we like talking about, and as I’m naturally blonde, it’s not something I’ve ever had to worry about before BUT … what the hell is up with random chin hairs sprouting out?! Not only that, they’re white, and thick! I find myself randomly fiddling with these rogue hairs out in public without even realising it (I’m doing it now!) so once I realise they’ve grown back, I pluck those mothers out! As for moustache hair, instead of random white hairs, I get random black hairs and God forbid if I look at my face in the car rearview mirror when the sun is shining! I look like David Bellamy! (Another 80s reference sorry!) Eyebrow hairs – randomly white and long, and I’ve just booked into Benefit to have them dyed, they’re that bad.


Feet. I’m not sure if this is age-related, and I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve developed Plantar Fasciitis in my left heel. If I walk too far, I’m in absolute agony with it, but funnily enough, have no problem doing hard Spin classes. But walk around Tescos twice, and I’m hobbling around like a woman in her 80s! My Dr was really helpful though, and when I say really helpful, I mean he was bloody useless, and gave me zero advice. Great. It’s something a few friends my age suffer from so I wonder whether it is age related. Oh well, something else to get used to.


Thankfully, there’s no signs of the menopause yet, but that’s going to be a barrel of laughs isn’t it? Something to look forward to.


I’ve read articles about what happens to your body as you get older and there are a lot of things that I’m doing right, to help prepare for later life. Weight-bearing exercises, regular aerobic activity, I don’t smoke, I eat healthily and I’m making a conscious effort to drink more milk to help strengthen my bones. But the one major thing I’m doing that I think is so important, I’m ensuring I’m taking care of my overall happiness. Yes, my health and wellbeing are included in that, but I’m doing things that make me happy, and avoiding things that don’t.


That has to be the key to long life doesn’t it?


kate sutton


* This post is in collaboration with the Harley Street Hair Clinic


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