What. A. Week.  And so my weight-loss journey continues. This week, a tale of two halves if you will (I will). World Travel Market on Monday, my work project finished at midnight on Tuesday and back to WTM on Wednesday which, for the record, was like a re-make of Planes, Trains & Automobiles … which would make me John Candy. (Hopefully neither dead nor fat.)


Moving on. When I’m away from home, as you well know, I do struggle with eating on-plan and it’s especially hard at places like Excel that a) charge £45 for a sandwich and b) there aren’t that many healthy choices. Having said that, there was a Subway and I could have chosen a salad. But I didn’t. So that’s on me.


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On Monday, I was due to be taking a river cruise (pic above) along the Thames to Excel. There was going to be breakfast, champers, top schmoozing. Instead, it got cancelled after we’d waited an hour, and we had to find our own way there. But amazingly, I was still smiling – think that’s only because the sun was shining! I know I ended up walking over 6 miles that day,, so that went some way towards combatting the effects of a foot-long (ooer), and although I didn’t get to go to Zumba, I could barely muster up enough energy to get in the shower, I did do a Spin class on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – two classes of which were advanced. So I’m quite proud of myself for doing that, bearing in mind how at one point, I couldn’t even walk because the Plantar Fasciitis had flared up so much in much in my left foot. (I always feel the need to refer to Daniel Day-Lewis at this point, but I’m going to do my best not to this time.)


Oh and also, I think, think, I can actually start to feel and see some of my tummy muscles again. I mean we’re not talking six-pack (yet), but there’s definitely a bit more definition there, and the roll at the top of my stomach, under my boobs, is definitely shrinking. You know the roll I mean. The Roll. So that’s good stuff.


I do struggle with my lower stomach though, in terms of how I see it. My whole body is improving week-on-week, and I can see it and feel it, but I see parts of my body changing and I know I’m going to be left with loose skin, and it’s happening already. Skin that’s been stretched by being overweight for so long and by the fact I’ve had two 9lbs+ (wonderful) babies. Oh, and by the fact I’m 46. All these things add up to a stomach that isn’t particularly pretty (and don’t get me started on my bingo wings), but I would say that, taking everything into account, it is still all worth it to feel the way I do. I mean insofar as feeling stronger, fitter, healthier, slimmer. I’m never going to look like personal trainers like Emily Skye – you should Google her, she, and women like her, are a real inspiration to me at the moment – but I can be a better version of me, and that’s something I continue to aspire to be.


Kate v.2.0.


So, as my one-year of following Slimming World anniversary approaches (Boxing Day), I’m in a really good place. I’m not worried by going off-plan, because I know that I will have a little of what I fancy but balance it out with exercise. And it’ll be nice to think back to where I was a year ago, compare how I feel and know I’m doing the right thing, however long it takes.


I was talking to someone about SW this week, and she said she’d lost about 3 stones, but over a period of 16 months, and was annoyed at herself for taking so long. Whereas I only saw it as a great achievement. But it is hard to be surrounded by other women who lose weight faster. I get it. But these things take time, and it’s so much better not to rush it, rather pace yourself … this is a life-long thing don’t forget, and know that you have to do it your way. Personally, the worse thing I can do is ever feel I can’t have something, because psychologically that will just set me off down a path I don’t want to go. I know me better than anyone, so that’s why I save my syns for chocolate to eat at night, that’s my danger zone. And it’s why I push myself at the gym so hard, because it’s harder for me to lose weight now than it was when I was younger.


So, all I’m saying is, if you see someone has lost twice as much weight as you in the same timeframe, be pleased for them, but be just as pleased with yourself. Kindness is what we need more of in this world right night, especially kindness to ourselves.


Food-wise, whilst at home, I tried to mix things up a little. Now doesn’t this dinner (below) look attractive?  Not. I know it looks rank, but it was quick, easy to make and was just light enough after a heavy Spin class. It’s two lightly-salted rice cakes, with Lightest Philadelphia spread on top and some wafer thin ham on top of that. And then I just dry-fried some tomatoes, chopped onions and more ham. Squirt of BBQ sauce. Job done.


slimming world dinner




Got sore boobage so I know my PC (Phantom Cycle) is coming, I’m clearly retaining water, plus the whole foot-long incident (ahem). But I worked hard at the gym, ate well Thursday-Saturday, so y’know … of course, I stayed the same. Weirdly, exactly the same, to the 1/2lb. So still a total loss of 3 stones and 4lbs.


Edit: Just measured myself (Monday morning) and I’ve lost 2.5lbs in the last 2 weeks – get in! (I’m high-fiving myself right now.) I’m building muscle, which could also explain the water retention, and things are really shaping up and shrinking down so even if the scales aren’t showing it right now, it’s all good.


I’m delighted I didn’t yo-yo and go back up again and I’M DETERMINED to get under the next stone bracket, which would mean I’d need to lose 2lbs next week, which can be done.


Have a fab week, and it would be great if you could follow me over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Lovely post, I wish I had the determination to do slimming world to help budge this mum podge. But those takeaways and pizzas ate far too tempting haha! You’re doing a fab job! Amy x

    1. Oh I hear you on the lower belly issue Kate! I’m exactly the same but it’s a smaller big belly than at the beginning of the year we have to remember that. Well done on keeping up with the exercise, I still let myself down with that but hey ho. Good luck with next week’s weigh in. I’m chasing 3.5lbs that I want off by Xmas

  2. I’ve been on a slow self styled weight loss for a year now. I am thinking of doing slimming world for my last goals, as I am finding my committment wavering.

    I do think kindness is much needed as women, both to self and others.

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