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Oooh I’ve been dead busy this week. No more overindulging on Tapas unfortunately, instead, we’ve been launching a big project at work this week so I’ve been swamped. In fact, it’s Sunday night and I’m still working.


Having said that, I really made a conscious effort to make sure I exercised every day this week, because I don’t know about you, but when I am in the ‘head down bum up’ mindset (no, not like that), I forget to eat, let alone exercise, so I’ve had to be really disciplined this week to look after myself. I don’t have anyone to say, “Have you had breakfast yet?”, I have to be strict with myself.


So Monday was Zumba (although I’m driving there now, the bike is away for the winter), Tuesday was Spin, Wednesday was Zumba and Thursday I was just too damned tired to do anything other than eat a delicious and healthy mini roast dinner I made! I also had it for leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day, and it was just as nice. Although, for the record, charred leftover runner beans are a bit rank.




I also cooked turkey meatballs for the first time this week which went down really well:


turkey meatballs


It’s so hard to motivate yourself to exercise in winter isn’t it? It’s dark by 5pm and I remember this time last year was a time when I would enjoy apple crumble and custard every night, or scoff big slabs of chocolate in bed … all with a view to trying to find comfort somehow. But this year it’s different. This year, I have my eye on a bigger prize and 44 weeks into this new healthy lifestyle, I’m still focused. Still motivated. I am learning what my trigger points are – the dark, cold evenings being one of them, and I’m trying to change habits I’ve had for years.


But it’s not easy because I bloody love apple crumble!


Anyway, Thursday I gave myself the night off, but instead of allowing myself to spiral downwards and give myself the next week off, I found myself in a Spin class at 6pm on Friday night. I guess that’s one bonus of being single, being able to do whatever you like whenever you like. Anyway, I hereby rename this particular Spin class, “The Spin Class of Death”, because it was unlike any other class I’ve done before. It was proper hardcore. I mean Spin is hard enough as it is, but this woman beasted us. Put it this way, she didn’t even get on her bike once … she walked around the room checking what level we were on all the time, making sure we were working hard enough, and at one point I had run out of gears, I was at the top level (20), and couldn’t go any higher.


Oh, and I also went to the gym on Saturday, instead of going for coffee and cake, which is a massive change for me.


But I’ve said it before, I continue to surprise myself by keeping up with everyone. I think part of it is that I’m super competitive and can’t let anyone beat me so the thought of not doing what everyone else is doing, just isn’t in my mindset at all. Doing things like this, that have been so out of my comfort zone for years, is really boosting my confidence, as well as changing my body shape.


It’s so good to challenge yourself, particularly later in life, when life has maybe ground you down and you start to doubt yourself. This time last year I didn’t recognise the person I had become, she was so different to the person I was 10, 20 years ago … and each time I go to the gym, or do something new, it feels like I’m getting a part of her back.


I don’t know if that makes sense but all I know is that as each week passes, I feel that tiny bit happier in myself.


I’ve been really good with my meals this week, haven’t felt like cheating at all, stayed within my syns and have worked really hard at the gym.


In a nutshell, I have bossed this week.




Even though on paper I’ve done everything I should and could have, when I stand on the scales on a Saturday morning, I still worry. I actually weighed myself on Monday this week for last week’s results, so really I only had five days of being on-plan to take into account.


But … I lost 2lbs! I mean it’s not surprising, bearing in mind all of the above, but bodies are weird. So I’m really delighted. Also, that brings me down to the lowest weight I’ve been so far on my journey, taking into account all the yo-yoing I’ve been doing over the summer, and my total loss now stands at 3 stones 4lbs.


So I thought it was time I did a before and after photo again:


slimming world before after


It really feels like I’ve reached a milestone and the 4 stones benchmark is now in touching distance. What an achievement that would be?!


So that’s it for this week. I’m off to World Travel Market in the morning which is the biggest travel event of the year, and super important. I’m getting to Excel via … a 3 hour cruise up the Thames with the Aegean Tourist Board!


Blogging is so weird and wonderful.


Anyway, over and out (well, back to the day job) – have a fab week and please do follow me one Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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