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I’m not a massive TV fan, but there are a few programmes that I have series linked at the moment. GBBO is one (obviously), and here are a few other TV programmes I love right now.


If you’ve never watched Hunted before, a quick breakdown of what it’s all about. A group of ten members of the public have to go on the run for 28 days, and whoever is left un-captured at the end wins £100,000. The slight catch being … an elite group of highly trained hunters, ranging from former police intelligence officers to cyber security experts, are trying to find them!


It’s absolutely fascinating, especially seeing how differently the men and women approach the exercise and how easily some people fall out along the way. I like to think I would be pretty smart about knowing how to evade capture, but it could mean having to sleep in a tent, and we all know how I feel about camping!  One of the things that they keep doing, which is so annoying and has me shouting, “Are you really that stupid?” is using their mobile phones whilst they’re on the run! The first thing the trackers will be doing is checking for phone signals. We all leave digitals footprint that can be traced back to us these days, and using your mobile is a sure-fire way to get caught. Now I’m of an era where I remember telephone directories, and you’d just go to a corner phonebox, look up a number in the directory, and phone someone. No CCTV, no mobile phone towers for signals to ping at. These days, everything is online, even telephone directories are, and you can now find names and addresses in sites like Whitepages UK. So, my top tip for the next time you’re on the run people, DON’T USE YOUR PHONE! Oooh, or use cashpoints, because there are cameras on them and people have been caught that way too. (I do realise I’m way too invested in this programme.)


Another programme that’s just started its second series is ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins‘. Now my main bugbear is that (apparently) the producers want to keep this programme ‘true to life’ and so no women are allowed to enter, which is irritating to say the least. But it’s kinda offset by the fact that the main 2 instructors are incredibly bearded and hot, so every cloud. But seriously, I’ve seen similar programmes where women were ‘allowed’ to take part and did just as well as the men so enough already. It’s a great programme though, especially the psychological aspect of it as we saw this week when Jeff (“My names Jeeeefff”) was targeted for having a criminal background and the instructors felt he’d be pretty flakey, so they called him in for questioning. With a bag over his head, in the middle of the night. Can’t say I’d be particularly in the mood for chatting after that. But they were quick to hone in on what they knew would rile him, his daughter. They were pretty brutal and asked whether she took drugs like he used to. Sure enough, he snapped and quit. Afterwards, the instructors said, if he had been captured by ‘the enemy’ and reacted the same way, he’d have a bullet in his head. Which no-one wants, amirite?


Now onto The Fall. Now I loved the first series of this, it’s really dark (which I love) and the combination of Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan is … rather delicious. But this second series has been a real slow-burner and as much as I’m still invested, JUST MURDER SOMEONE ALREADY! And I mean that in the nicest possible way, but there’s zero action so far. I can see certain side storylines building in tension, but we’re 4 episodes in and something serious really needs to happen soon.


And the final TV programme I’m loving right now is The Missing. Wow, this is incredibly good TV. This is another second series and is linked to the first, about a girl who was abducted and is still missing. OR IS SHE? I love a programme that makes me think and ask questions, and I’m forever asking questions about this programme. Trouble is, there’s no-one at home to ask, so I’ve had to take it to Facebook but be uber careful about not mentioning any spoilers, so all conversations are rather cryptic! The cast are fantastic, there are flashbacks and flash forwards, and I can only tell what’s going on sometimes by hairstyles! I don’t want to give too much away, but definitely watch this one (you can catch up on iPlayer.)


I’d love to hear if you watch these too (so we can discuss plots and what the hell is going on in The Missing), but also if you have any recommendations of other things to watch – I’m a single woman with time on her hands in the evening people!


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  1. I watched SAS who dares wins last night for the first time, OMG I cant believe I have not seen this before! Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy? The new series of that is out soon on sky but preious series are definitely worth a watch.

  2. I keep meaning to reply to thia. I am watching ALL the same programmes at the moment! Well not Hu ted now because that’s finished now. Loved the last episode with Nick C but won’t say any more in case of spoilers. The Level on ITV has been really good too, well worth catching up with if you can get it. Filmed relatively close to where i am on the south coast too. I had hoped to enjoy Paranoid but it got silly (also ITV). I like a good police/detective style drama, like Line of Duty. Think this series of The Fall is a bit sloooooow though

    1. Oh Hunted was SO good and I loved the finale! (No spoilers) but yay! Not heard of The Level so thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out. Really hoping the Fall has picked up as I have a few episodes left to watch. But you MUST watch The Missing!

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