slumberdown duvet day


Atchooo! Splutter … splutter. It’s official, I have my first cold of the season and I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself. It’s annoying because I’m normally annoyingly full of energy and doing some form of exercise every day, but I’ve had to put a halt on things and stay at home. And moan about it on the internet. That does mean I get more work done, although reticently, because I’d rather just go to bed – but I still have to pay the bills and when you’re freelancer, you can’t really take an official sick day.


Spookily, a few days ago, Slumberdown got in touch to see if I would like to try out one of their luxury duvets, with the aim of having a duvet day. Oh, alright then! God, I love duvet days, and don’t have them very often at all anymore, so of course I said yes. What I didn’t realise was that a) I’d come down with a cold and feel pathetic and woe is me and b) they would be sending me more than just a duvet … they’d be sending tea, food, a candle and DVDs too!


Talk about perfect timing. And now look at my sad face:


slumberdown duvet day


Pathetic isn’t it?


So this massive parcel full of goodies arrived (in the photo above) and I literally had to crawl to the front door on my hands and knees to sign for it (OK, not literally) … but wearing my most hideous ill-fitting pyjamas and a green sofa throw around my shoulders. (We had a bra-free alfresco situation going on and I had to improvise.) That poor, poor postman. Anyway, I finally managed to open the package after 362 attempts to tear it.


It was just what I needed. I love tea, but haven’t been able to get to the shops to buy milk so I’ll save that for another day, but suffice to say as soon as Dexter saw the box of Roses, they were ripped into and all the best ones taken out. I’ve managed to save a few just for the purposes of a photo, but basically they are all the ones he doesn’t like (the nut ones.) The popcorn has my name on it for after dinner tonight, I’ve currently got Friends on the TV at the moment but quite fancy watching Notting Hill after that, and the candle is wafting a lovely vanilla scent around the room.


slumberdown duvet day


I’m also currently wrapped up tightly in their big luxury king-size duvet. And I have to say that one of the many benefits of being single means that I don’t have to share it with anyone! The quality is so much better than my cheap supermarket own-brand quilt I’m currently using, and soon as I find enough energy, I will switch them over on my bed. In the meantime, the duvet is staying downstairs with me on the sofa, whilst I finish off a few last pieces of work for the week.


slumberdown duvet day


When you’re poorly, it’s best not to fight it – just let your body recover and rest as much as you can, and I think that’s probably what I’ll do this weekend. It feels like things have been quite crazy over the last five or six weeks and I’ve loved every minute of it, but even someone with as much energy as me needs to take time to chill out.


Dexter couldn’t resist and even go in on the action!


slumberdown duvet day


Now onto something much more exciting than the state of my cold. A fantastic competition to WIN A YEAR’S WORTH OF FREE SHOPPING! You can find more details about how to enter Slumberdown’s BIG HUGS competition by clicking on the link. You have a few days left to enter so hurry!


A big thank you to you Slumberdown for the lovely care package and if you need me, I’ll be resurfacing on Monday.


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