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HAI. I think this is probably only the second time in 10 months that I haven’t posted my Slimming World update on a Sunday, but Dexter and I spent the day in London yesterday and by the time I got home, I could barely crawl into the bath, let alone find the energy to write. However, here I am, better late than never right?


You know, I might be tired this morning, it’s Monday morning after all, but I’ve just had such a fantastic few weeks, and it’s really important to recognise when things are going great for you, as well as indulging yourself in the occasional bout of misery when things aren’t going so well. This weekend has been full on again (which probably explains why I’m so tired this morning!), and it started with drinks in London with my new friends I made in Italy – we were saying goodbye to Zoe who has headed back home to Australia (sad face) after spending pretty much every weekend with me and my new friends since we met. It’s really sad to say goodbye to her but I think we gave her a good send off. From what I remember. You know when you wake up the next morning covered in bruises, but don’t know where they came from? That.


That picture above is at some point towards the end of the evening, but this was a before sober photo!


kate sutton blogger


Went on to lose that scarf!


Now I don’t remember drinking that much, I mean admittedly I had ‘a few’, but I hadn’t eaten lunch, and we only had a couple of bar snacks between us during the evening, but OH MY GOD … did I have the hangover from hell the next day or what? I honestly haven’t felt that bad for years. It’s not big or clever, and the evening was totally worth it, but Saturday was a complete write-off. I spent the whole day in bed, alternating between throwing up and drinking gallons of water (sorry for the image), managing to finally rouse myself from my bed at 8pm to drive to KFC round the corner in my pyjamas. I still feel a little bilious at the thought of all of the chicken I ate, but it did the trick and meant that I found myself at the gym at 9am the next day!


9am! And here’s the proof:


slimming world gym


Well, it’s not proof per se, it’s just a picture of me at the gym, but take my word for it because I was super impressed with myself for putting “The KFC Incident” behind me and getting back on track so quickly. And then we walked 5 miles around London on the Sunday, and even though we ate Afternoon Tea and had dinner whilst there, I limited myself to what I ate, and even chose a salad for dinner. Think that’s the power of the Slimpods kicking in again there. (Click on the link for more info about what a Slimpod is.)


Before The Big Weekend, I’d eaten well, sensibly, weirdly I’ve gone right off salmon (I KNOW!) and chose to grill a steak one evening, which I had with grilled tomatoes, dry-fried eggs and horseradish sauce – bloody lovely it was! So maybe that’s my new thing!


But the main difference last week was the fact I’d done a whole week at the gym, alongside my two Zumba classes and cycling 16 miles last week. I did a spin class at the gym, burning off over 900 calories, and I’m now going to do that every Tuesday night, with some cardio and weight training during the week. I’m still super motivated, and it’s fantastic having somewhere to go to burn off this extra energy I have. Who’d have thought it, at my age, having extra energy!? (Not that it’s all day, every day, like this morning for example, but I honestly feel ten years younger.)




I weighed in a day early, on the Friday instead of Saturday, because of said Big Weekend and lost a total of … 5lbs! I couldn’t believe it! Well, I could, because I really did work ruddy hard, but what a result! It’s given my weekly routine a massive kick up the (big) bum, and I’m delighted. Having said that, god knows what I weigh this morning after the KFC/gin thing, but it’s back to work this morning and I hope for another good result next week.


So officially, that’s 3 stones 2lbs off altogether.


I also measured myself this morning. The last time I measured myself was nearly 2 months ago, and I’d put 9” on (ooer). I’ve now taken that 9” off again, with my upper arms and above my knees being the smallest now since I started.


I’ve got the Drs later, which means I might not be fit enough to go to Zumba tonight (don’t ask!) so I’m going to the gym now so at least I’ve got one workout in today.


Have a great week, and see you next Sunday … not see you see you, but you know what I mean.


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  1. Bloody well done Kate, 5lbs is epic!
    I realised today that at the end of September my high hip measurement was what my waist was when I started in January.

    1. Thanks Colette! I’ve been on and off plan several times, just due to travelling for work mainly, so don’t beat yourself up. You know the plan works and as soon as your head is back in the game, you know it’ll work 🙂

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