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Today is Wednesday, my new favourite day of the week, and in approximately 90 minutes my new cleaner will arrive to clean my house.


It may seem very extravagant to some (most of you maybe), and, I guess it is in lots of ways. After all, now my eldest has gone back to Uni, there are only 2 of us here, so I suppose it’s a luxury, but here’s why I hired a cleaner.


Well primarily, it’s because I hate cleaning. I mean really hate it. Always have hated it, but have always done it of course, just through gritted teeth. Every time I scrub that damn toilet bowl, I’m thinking about the 1001 other things I’d rather be doing at that precise moment. That mainly involve Aperol and kissing. And yet, there I am, with my hand down a toilet.


Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t live in a pig sty, to the contrary really, it’s always rather tidy (apart form Dexter’s bedroom of course), but in the back of my mind I was always thinking about the big tasks that needed doing – the scrubbing of the toilet, but also the hoovering of the whole house, the dusting (urgh, the dusting!), the de-limescaling of the shower screen. I hate that stuff!


I work from home and I can’t just shut the door to get away from those thoughts and I found that it was really distracting me from work. I’ll do an hour’s work and then stop to clean the bathroom floor. Or I’ll write a blog post, but through the corner of my eye I can see that the patio doors are covered in fingerprints … again! And so I’d have to stop and clean it.


And so one day, something just clicked.


My hours increased at work, so I had the money and, let’s be honest, it’s not like I have the most exciting social life to spend my money on (more’s the pity). Money I used to spend on going to a bar or club every week, is now spent on yogurts and eggs … that’s Slimming World for you.


My priorities have changed. Dexter is still tasked with cleaning his room and I’ve asked the cleaners to only hoover in there, and he still has other chores to do, but I couldn’t keep having the same argument about him dusting the lounge. It’s honestly not worth it. You try arguing with a 12-year-old and see how stressed out it gets you! Life is too short. 


So I’m now in a win/win situation. I have the cleaner come once a week for 2 hours and, for the most part, they manage to clean most of the house – like I said, we’re not peasants! I just leave them to it – pop out for coffee or for a bike ride, come home, job done. I’m happier, which means Dexter is happier … less arguments, more work done/catching up on Australian Masterchef and quite frankly, it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.


To me, it’s money well spent. And the great thing about getting to my age is there’s less guilt surrounding most things you do because you don’t have anyone to answer to, only yourself – it’s brilliant! Although, I should say, I did wrangle with the guilt before I made the decision, but once I made it, that was it – mind made up, and all guilt gone. So yes, it’s a luxury, but to me I feel my time is just better spent elsewhere. You have to ask yourself, ‘What’s an hour of my time really worth?’ and then see if it’s better spent cleaning the house yourself, earning more money by working or even treating yourself to something you love doing, just because.


Life’s too short to spend it doing things you hate doing, trust me, so it’s totally worth it. And finally, one more thing that a reader has rightly pointed out after being a cleaner herself for years, this is a job for someone, so like I said, win/win. 


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  1. Having been a professional cleaner, I totally respect people’s decision to have them. If you can afford it, why not? Plus, you are giving someone else a job too, which, in this day and age, is a great thing to be able to offer.

    1. It DOES feel like a luxury, but it’s the same as paying a window cleaner – I wouldn’t want to do that either and it would take me twice as long! I go through an agency so pay them a small fee, and then £8 per hour. If I went out on the beer, I’d spend about £40 so really, I think it’s really good value for money.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! As a fellow home worker it is a godsend and is no longer the distraction as I know the cleaner will deal with it. 2 hours a week = 2 hours spent with my fast growing up 3 year old. I will never get that time back so making the most of it.

  3. Fair play to you lady. Fair play. We’ve discussed the possibility of having a cleaner for some time now. I see it as buying back my own time – and like you it would free me up to do the things I want to be doing (or just work more effectively!)
    I’m hoping that our next pay rise will mean a regular cleaner for me!
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  4. Definitely agree – we have a big monthly clean rather than weekly as I’m happy to keep on top of tidying but it’s the big jobs I don’t have time for – weirdly I posted about this today! (Not weirdly, I copied you. Because I’m a stalker. Natch)

  5. I would love a cleaner but couldn’t justify it with working 19 hours at the moment-would definitely consider in the future though

    1. I understand it’s a difficult decision, especially when it comes to money, but hopefully you’ll come to a time in your life when everything falls together and you can justify it 🙂

  6. I couldn’t manage without my cleaner, so don’t feel guilty just enjoy. A thought though, have you tried using a Karcher window vac on the wet shower screen? That way the limescale never builds up. It’s great invention and your cleaner can then spend the time doing other stuff

  7. We are so lucky here in S.A where practically everyone has a cleaner. It is part of our lifestyle and I must say a pleasant part. Nothing worse than having to get down and clean house when there are so many other productive things you could be doing. Besides it also then helps to provide an income for someone else who needs it.

  8. Just make sure to go for a little extra ride or walk to make up for the cleaning hours lost Only kidding! Congratulations! Having a cleaner is the best decision, ever! I have mine for 4hrs a week to do everything including ironing, and absolutely LOVE coming home from work on Wednesdays to my beautiful clean apartment. Only difference with here is that people mock you when you don’t have a cleaner so any potential guilt I felt at getting a maid (which in fairness was fairly limited in the first place as I too hate cleaning), is irradiated pretty much each time you hear anyone talking!!!!

  9. I used to have a cleaner until money got a bit tight and we let her go, but I keep meaning to arrange one now I’m in a better position. Worth every penny IMO because like you, I despise cleaning. Also, even with a cleaner there’s always stuff to be done so it’s not like you ever really get to sit back and relax while everything is done for you! #zbuz

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