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Firstly, apologies for not posting this yesterday. I alluded briefly on Facebook last night that there was an issue with Dexter’s school I had to deal with, which is now ongoing and in the hands of the authorities, and it understandably took precedence over everything last night. But thanks for all of your support.


Anyway, onto the week that was – my birthday week no less.


I wrote about my birthday earlier in the week and although I was looking forward to seeing my friends at the weekend, I was feeling a little blue about the whole ‘getting older’ thing. But it’s amazing what a few kisses from a hot American guy can do for one’s mood! So suffice to say, I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. And we probably need to move on before I start blushing any more.


bottomless prosecco




Now the summer has passed, I’m back on an even keel with Slimming World and have found a good routine again. I’m maintaining going to Zumba twice a week, and I was back out on my bike last week, which felt fantastic. Thankfully, I’m not a fair weather cyclist and the impending misery of winter doesn’t put me off cycling through the next months, although if the sun could make an occasional appearance that would be smashing.


Food this week… well, it was my birthday and so as much as I tried to be good, and I did make mostly good choices, I also had a KFC for my birthday dinner (I’m such a cheap date) and spent the day on Saturday drinking beer and gin. And I loved every minute of it! If I never treated myself, I’d lose weight a whole lot quicker, but be a whole lot more miserable!


I’m in such a good place right now and I refuse to let anything or anyone bring me down. We’re always faced with challenges aren’t we, life can be annoying like that … just when you think everything is ticking along nicely, BAM!!! some little scrote upsets your kid and you want to go all Zena Warrior Princess on them. But I’m feeling good about everything in life right now so it’s important to maintain that state of mind, no matter what. It’s something I’m very mindful of and it’s always good to get a little zen now and then, and calm your mind when life gets stressful. Although I could have lost my shit last night. But overall, I like living with a calm state of mind, so cross me at your peril. (Insert smiley face.)




I stayed the same this week – I’m amazed I didn’t put weight on but, like I said, I am active and it all balanced itself out. Not even my dodgy left foot (wasn’t that a film?) can dampen my spirits and I’m feeling good. So that’s a total loss of circa 3 stones (maybe 2 stones and 13lbs, but 3 stones sounds better haha!)


So that’s this week’s WitWitWoo update… don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Have a great week everyone!


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