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After having a god awful week last week (read me moaning about it HERE), I thought I’d start the week off by being uber positive. I give it til Wednesday.


Anyway, I read a blog post last week by my good blogging friend Nickie, from I Am Typecast – the title of her blog post being slightly different, but the meaning is the same. Now Nickie is the most down to earth woman I think I know. Northern lass, grandmother at 36, tattooed, mother to 3, and wife to 1 (that I know of). And I wondered how she’d approach this blog post.


Finding one thing you love about yourself can often feel quite daunting on some days, let alone five, and so she asked some trusted friends, me being one of them, to describe her in one word. I don’t know about you, but trying to describe the kind of person I am is quite difficult. I mean I know certain traits I have, not all of them good, but it’s a fascinating exercise, asking others what word springs into mind when they think of you.


So that’s exactly what I did. I asked five trusted friends for one word to describe me, and I’ve added my thoughts with regards to what these words mean to me.




This was actually Nickie’s chosen word for me, with her second choice being independent. And I’d say she’s pretty on the ball with this one. I am determined AF when I want to be, although I guess you could substitute the word for ‘stubborn’ … but good stubborn, I think. If I want something bad enough, I’m not afraid to work really, really hard to get it – graduating at 40 is a good example of this.




When it came to asking my best friend for her word, my message to her was thus: “Describe me in one word. It can’t be bellend or twat.” No I’ve known Jo for over 30 years and so she probably knows me better than anyone, so her choice of word was really important to me. She cheated slightly, and came back with two, ‘beautiful’ and ‘strong’. Awww. When I sent her a single tear emoji, she replied, “I meant ‘dog rough’ and ‘strong’. So I just went for ‘strong’ in the end! She’s been through all my downs, as well as my ups, so I think she’s qualified to make this word choice, and I think it’s lovely of her to choose it.




This word was from my good travel blogging buddy, Alice from Project Wanderlust, and I think it’s a lovely word to describe me. Similar to ‘determined’ it shows me that people see me as someone who sets a goal and goes for it.




Next on my hitlist was Amanda, who I co-write We Blog Travel with. She proffered ‘entertaining’, ‘courageous’ and ‘passionate’. How awesome is that?! I wasn’t sure what word to choose, so went with ‘entertaining’, as it’s so very different to the other words, and we’ve just spent a fantastic 10 days in Italy together, so I can see how I might have been vaguely entertaining after a bottle of Aperol or five.




This is my chosen word. Again, because it’s so different to the other words, and it’s something I’ve had issues with in the past. Now I’m no Einstein, but growing up, I’ve always felt pretty average, especially when it came to academic studies. Bit of a coaster, and never really encouraged to reach my full potential. Going to university later in life was partly for me to prove to myself that I was smarter than I, or anyone else, gave credit for, and the older I get, the more belief I have in myself that, amongst being a myriad of other things, I’m pretty smart too.


It’s really hard to be positive about yourself, but it’s so so important, so I’d really encourage you all to give it a go. You don’t have to write about it (great if you do have a blog though), but maybe just ask your friends what their word would be – I think you’d be pleasantly surprised.


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  1. Loving your description of me – very accurate although I definitely only have one husband – one is ENOUGH! This is a great exercise and really helps you reengage with yourself – I love your take on it too – especially the word you chose for yourself.

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