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* Big Brother voice*   It’s week 38 in the Slimming World house, and it’s not been a good week.  It began with sore boobs and has ended with sore boobs, but in between I’ve had to put up with buffoon after buffoon and, I hate to say it, they’ve all been men. And you know what’s even more annoying? I let it get to me. I was feeling bloated and sluggish at the beginning of the week anyway and I have found myself eating more crap than usual because my mood has been low, and it’s a vicious circle… because the worse I feel, the more I’ve turned to things like chocolate and crisps, things that have only been eaten in moderation for the past nine months.


Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t completely fallen off the wagon and I haven’t eaten nearly as much as I know I’m capable of (not that that’s anything to be proud of), but I haven’t done as well as I should’ve done. SO annoying.


No one is more annoyed than me because I like to think I’m a strong person who isn’t affected by that much. A strong constitution. A coper. Someone that doesn’t let other people’s actions affect her. But it did this week. Time and time again, I’ve been let down and Jesus, it’s exhausting.


Having said all of that, it’s not the end of the world, life goes on etc. I think I’ve just let myself wallow a bit this week, which feels uncomfortable and not like me at all. What is important though is that I recognised what’s happened, I’ve put it behind me (hopefully), and it’s a new week tomorrow.


(Actually, I’m still pretty annoyed if I’m honest!)


I’ve also hidden my profile on both dating sites and deleted every man’s number and WhatsApp conversation I’ve ever had with them, so they were always lurking in the background … like thrush. They are all now blocked and deleted and it was very cathartic to do that.


Another issue I’ve had to deal with is I’m 99% sure I have Plantar Fascitis in my left heel. For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s bloody painful, that’s what it is! You can click on that link for a Wiki description, and I’ve had it for several months. I’ve got the doctors on Wednesday to confirm my self-diagnosis, but I’m confident that’s what it is. And holy shit it’s painful. It’s also much more common than I thought and once I mentioned it to different people, most of them have said they either currently have it or have had in the past.


plantar fasciitis


One of my friends, Zoe, has been really helpful with information on how she coped with hers and I’m trying each method out – currently rolling my foot over a spikey massage ball! So I will definitely keep you posted, and if any of you have suffered from this, and are either looking for advice or can give advice, please get in touch. It’s meant exercise has been tricky this week, but I’m proud to say that I still went to both Zumba classes on Monday and Wednesday… but it hasn’t really made me feel like doing anything else. You know me, I love going out on my bike but I just haven’t felt like doing it this week. I think it’s just been a bad week all round.


(This week’s post-Zumba photo with one of my lovely instructors, Lou!)


kate sutton slimming world


Pre-Slimming World, after a week like this, I would end up becoming a hermit and hibernating from the world, but I’m not going to let that happen this time. That’s why it’s important I say these things out loud because there’s no point pretending everything is alright when it isn’t – whether that’s for a day, a week or however long. So I’ve said it, and it’s time to pick myself up and try again.




Like I said, I felt bloated all week (possibly my PC – phantom cycle), and I wasn’t surprised to see I had to put weight on. Thankfully, it’s only 2lbs, and it could’ve been worse I suppose. But it’s not ideal. I’m more annoyed at myself than anyone else so I need to pull my finger out.


On the plus side, I had a wonderful day in London yesterday with some new friends I made in Italy the other week, and I had the best time I’ve had in a long time. The sun was shining, and there were plenty of laughs (and drinks), but I had to leave before the others because I had to get Dexter to football early this morning. That’s what happens when you’re a single parent, sometimes there’s just no one there to help you out.


kate sutton blogger


Oh, and I also bought a new dress and shoes this week (shopping helped my mood, albeit temporarily) … excuse the hair and no Spanx/make-up look:


kate sutton slimming world


Apologies for the slightly morose post this week, I hope to bring better news next week.


In the meantime, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… where the mood is much lighter!


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  1. Ah. Kate I deleted Tinder after just two days on there! I may be the most impatient person in the world but you automatically get a feel for what’s going on in I suspect, a lot of cases. I was surprised by just how much of a mood crasher it would be to find someone had blocked me after a short conversation or even just to be unmatched almost straight away by someone. It’s not a nice feeling. And I get the comfort eating thing because I have definitely partaken of the odd Danish pastry or muffin here or there in the last couple of days and it does make me feel a bit out of control (mind you I am also going through the most stressful part of divorce right now so there’s also that… ). I also had to leave just as the party was starting the other day to sort my kids out. Single parent life – *sigh*. X

  2. Hi thank goodness real people. I’ve lost it with my sl wrld this past month as I’ve had to cover in work and let it get to me by working early and staying late and hence eating cap but will go back tomorrow night I think & status all over again. I had 3st of but have probably gained quite a bit so ashamed and annoyed at myself. But pleased to meet you and friends.

    1. Hi Marian, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m glad you’re able to relate – losing weight can be a lonely journey and it’s important to know there are people ‘just like you’ out there, struggling, but still trying to get healthy. Best of luck for tonight’s weigh-in and remember, no matter how much you’ve put back on, you can always start again. You know the plan works and we have a lovely community over here so you’re always welcome to pop into FB and chat with us x

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