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A lovely blogging friend of mine, Catherine from Not Dressed As Lamb (a great over-40s fashion blog, do take a look!) wrote a post in July called ’31 Weird Facts About Me’ and, as it’s Tuesday, and I have zero imagination because I’m currently flitting between the day job, washing a dirty football kit and wondering what lunch I can have that requires the least effort, I thought I’d steal her idea and do the same post! Except I’m only doing 21 because Australian Masterchef is on in a bit.


I figured there might be at least two of you that would find this remotely interested (me being one of them.)


So …




Christ, I have several, but the main one that springs to mind is an unhealthy addiction to … Riverdance. I know, I know. But I think it’s because it reminds me of my Mum – not that she was in Riverdance, but she loved it and so I took her to see it in London a couple of times years ago, then bought the DVD, the CD … oh God, I’ve said too much.




I was married once, aged 20, which is incredibly young. I know that now, wish someone had told me at the time! But it’s hard to regret these things when such an amazing child was borne out of that marriage – and we were in love, at least I was. I was distraught when it ended, really didn’t see it coming, but as a Libran, I remain a romantic and believe I could possibly find love again.




During the last few years, I’ve developed a slight anxiety about closed in spaces. I’ve had therapy to help me understand why, and it makes perfect sense now I understand, and I’m working through it. It’s much better than it was, but it can get pretty scary. I have a download that was made for me so I just listen to that whenever my tube stops in a tunnel or I’m in a lift. All manageable though.




My parents applied to emigrate twice when we were younger, to be turned down both times which, in itself, was strange as they had a lot to offer and family in Australia to sponsor them. I guess it wasn’t to be. But it did give me a desire to live in a country other than the UK.




Watched The Godfather, or been to America. 




I’ve had protein pancakes (banana and eggs), with fresh banana and Nutella, for breakfast, every day for the past … five months. Still not bored with it and my pancake game is strong!




When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher. I loved English, reading and writing, and after I graduated, I thought I’d volunteer at my son’s school to see if I liked it. I did, apart from being the least creative person I know when it comes to making clay models, but after speaking with his headmistress, who put me off so much, I decided not to study for a PGSE, but am thrilled that writing, in one form or another, has still become my job.




I’m 5’ 9” … well, I used to be – pretty sure I’m rapidly shrinking and so in reality, I’m probably about 5’ 8” now. Depressing.




Films I could watch over and over again – Bridesmaids, Shaun of the Dead and Limitless. But I love nothing more than watching a film, preferably in bed, preferably not on my own.




Going to university was never suggested to me when I was at school – not by the Careers person, or by my parents. No-one in our family had been before, so it just wasn’t deemed an option. Bizarrely found myself going to university aged 36 – it’s a long story.




After school, I went to college to get a Personal Secretary’s Certificate which, I may add, I got a distinction in. But what I really wanted to do was something to do with travel, but Mum talked me out of it.







I was lucky enough to work for the Financial Times when I was 18 and stayed there for 7 years before the bastards made me redundant. Have such fond memories of working there though and am lucky enough to still be friends with a couple of ladies I met there. I worked my way up and ended up becoming the PA to the Chief Executive.


13.  NAMES


I was christened Kathryn Lynne (Lynne after my late Auntie), because my Nan told my Mum that when I was born, no matter what they called me, she’d call me Katie.  Which, incidentally, I hate to be called, and it’s something people ALWAYS call me when they meet me for the first time. So Mum figured, let’s call her Kathryn and so that was that.




Ooh, this is a tricky one, because I’d say I was a work in progress when it comes to being body positive. But I love my shoulders and I have shapely legs, and I quite like my face. Things I don’t like? Well … my stomach, but a lot of women who have had 9lb+ babies don’t, and I’m working on firming my bum up. But honestly, other than that, I think I’m alright.


15.  PETS


We were always a dog family, but I’ve never owned my own pet. I like the idea in principle but honestly can’t be arsed with the responsibility – it’s like having a child all over again. Doesn’t stop me cooing over strangers’ dogs in Italy though, but that was more to do with their hot owners if I’m honest.




I’m not a cryer per se, in that I’m not an overly emotional person that cries at the drop of a hat, BUT … I cried today seeing a clip of a little boy getting a puppy as a birthday present. Oh, and I cried at Australia Masterchef yesterday. So ridiculous stuff gets to me, and then I’m quickly over it.




Well, I could aged 15 when I played the flute. Suspect I’m a bit rusty now, some 30 years later!




I’m allergic to bees. Or is it wasps? I can never remember, which is a little dangerous as my throat closes up and I have the potential to die if I get stung by one. I should carry an epipen, but don’t.




I once wrote 2 episodes of a sitcom and sent them to the BBC – this was before I went to Uni, and I was finding my feet when it came to writing. It was about darts and greyhounds, 2 major things in my childhood. The BBC did write back … although it was a polite no. I have the script somewhere and always felt it had legs, so it’s something I may revisit. Although the utter bilge that the BBC makes means it probably won’t see the light of day.




Probably the same as a lot of people – offal, tripe, snails, winkles (lol – winkles, I remember Mum picking winkles out of their shells with a pin when I was younger, put me off for life.) You get to my age and know what you like, but I like to think I’d at least try most things once … which goes for lots of areas in my life!




The older I get, the bigger I dream. One is to be debt-free, a legacy left over from my ex-partner, who kindly left me in a whole heap of do-do, and the other is to be an author. I haven’t even stipulated a successful author, although that would be a bonus – I just want to go through the process of writing a book, selling it, and people buying it. It’s always been a dream of mine, and I really feel I’d do it justice. These are manageable dreams and ones that I can achieve on my own.


So that’s it for now. I could probably do a few of these posts, as I’m sure there’s more to me than an allergy to bees and a love of Riverdance.


Can you relate to any of these? (Please say yes!)


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