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Hello everyone. I’m writing this whilst my roast chicken dinner finishes off in the oven. I’d like to say that no oil or butter was used, but I can’t. I bought one of those pre-packaged garlic and herb spatchcock (lol, spatchcock) chickens and, of course, Dexter has said this is the greatest roast chicken I’ve ever made. The one that I actually didn’t do myself. Brilliant.


I have had such a busy week, feels like I’ve packed loads in… except much cycling. But I did go to Zumba twice, and did a fair bit of walking, so I’m going to take that as a win.


(OMG the smell of this garlic chicken is driving me crazy! BRB.)


That’s better. Where was I? Oh yes, it’s been a busy week. I’ve been trying to get the house back in order after being away so much during the last few weeks and it’s looking much tidier. Tidy house, tidy mind, or something like that. I continue to be really strict about removing things from my wardrobe that are too big for me, and so there is another pile of clothes waiting to be taken to my local charity shop. I’ll be quite sad to say goodbye to some of those clothes but it’s important for my headspace to get rid of superfluous things in my life – clothes that are too big, people that are toxic, and men that can’t give me what I want. Of course, there is a definite back story with that last one, but suffice to say that hanging onto the “what could have beens’ in life is very draining. I can highly recommend spring cleaning your life like that, it opens up your heart to lots of new possibilities.


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So on Thursday, I was meant to be having afternoon tea at the Dorchester, as you do, except it wasn’t quite afternoon tea, more like a buffet free-for-all for hundreds of people and although it meant I didn’t gorge myself on scones dolloped with clotted cream (I just grabbed one on the way out), it was disappointing because I’d gone all the way up to London for something that didn’t deliver. But instead of it being a wasted journey, my friend and I found a rooftop bar off Regent Street that I’ve been to before, and we went there instead! I can’t say I worried too much about calories that day, but I did walk a lot instead of getting taxis, and I’m positive I burnt off the 2 Aperol Spritzes, and 4 gins I had. Fairly positive anyway.


And yesterday involved a drive down to Southampton to spend the day on board Princess Cruises’ Emerald Princess, but I’ll write about that separately. A hot chocolate souffle may have been eaten – but I can neither confirm nor deny this.


kate sutton


So I’d say I’ve had a good mix of eating well, eating and drinking a few treats, and exercising. Balance and all that.


Quick post today, and I’ll get straight to this week’s weigh-in:




Last week’s weigh-in, was another post-Italy weigh-in, and I put 5lbs on. This week, I’ve managed to take 3lbs off, which I’m really happy with. That brings my total weight loss to … I’ll be honest, I’ve lost track somewhat. I think it’s 3 stones, or maybe 2 stones 13lbs, but I’m not going to get too hung up on numbers. I’m going to do my measurements tomorrow, when I’m dressed head to toe in lycra, not when I’m full to the brim with roast chicken, so will update this posts then.


This week entails a few trips to hospital for Dad, and these things tend to be rather time-consuming. And I’ll also be doing more hours for work, starting on Tuesday, which is really exciting because a) more money obv, but b) I can continue to learn more about the company and, hopefully, become integral to the whole business. As long as I continue to do a good job that.


You may have seen me mention it’s my birthday month – everyone should have a birthday month – and I remember saying to myself, “I’m not going to be fat and 40.” Have any of you done that? Well clearly, that didn’t quite work out, nor did it at 41, 42, 43, 44 or 45. Actually, it’s not going to work out when I turn 46 later this month. BUT I feel fantastic. Seriously. I feel better now than I have done in years, especially because I know it’s all down to me, my approach to life, my willpower (that isn’t always great, but I’ll take 90%), and my desire to get fit and strong.


So all I’ll say is that it’s never too late to lose weight and get fit. I’m a work in progress, but I’m not going to stop until I feel the time is right and, even then, I hope to maintain this positive outlook about life and THAT (I hope) is what’s going to keep me looking young.


Over and out until the next time.


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  1. Hi I find your posts a breath of fresh air, and I Just wanted to say I enjoyed others prior.
    Your a real inspiration to all us women out here X well done you sticking x

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