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September is officially known as the best month ever.


  1. The weather is perfect. Not too sweaty, but warm enough where you can possibly eke out just one final summer BBQ.
  2. You can bask in everything that is Autumn fashion – no more worrying about chafing flip-flops and spaghetti-strapped tops.
  3. Autumn TV and darker nights = hot chocolate and snuggling under soft, woollen throws on the sofa.


Also, it’s my birthday month!


Now I’m not one to stand in the way of people expressing their appreciation for me, so if you want to buy me a present, that’s absolutely fine by me, and if you’re anything like me, you are probably quite difficult to buy for. Not that I have many people buying me presents (#woeisme), but I think the older we get, the harder it is to buy something we don’t already have. So my preference is always for something I know I’m going to use – and generally a voucher for pretty much anything is always a winner, but if you’re reading this Ben, a massage voucher would be good.


And with that in mind… when I went to the London Blog Camp last year, I met a company I thought you might quite like to hear about. They are called Zeek (, and they are a gift voucher/gift card marketplace, where you can buy and sell gift vouchers/gift cards.


So picture the scene, you’ve been bought a gift voucher for Forever 21 by Auntie Doreen, bless her, who is sweet enough to send you something every birthday, but doesn’t actually know you very well. Now I went into a Forever 21 store once and let’s just say, I’m not quite their target audience (but my beautiful and slim 21-year-old niece is.)


sell your gift card

So what do you do with the voucher you know you’re never going to use? And that’s where Zeek comes in. You enter the voucher details, decide on what discount you want to set, ie. if someone is buying someone else’s voucher/gift card, they’re not going to pay full price, so how much discount do you want to offer? And then pop it in the marketplace.


sell your gift card


The other great thing about this company is that if you want to buy a gift card for good old Auntie Doreen, and let’s just presume we know her better than she knows us, you can buy a discounted gift card – so it’s a win/win.


sell your gift card


There are major brands on the website – so you could buy discounted gift cards from Marks & Spencers, Debenhams, Starbucks… even Hungryhouse has a discount gift card.


Anyway, I thought it was a cool company that some of you would find really useful and also, did I mention it’s my birthday this month?


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*   This is a collaborative post for Zeek.

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  1. I love tis idea! I end up just giving vouchers away if I know I’m not going to use them. Hope you have a great birthday, I’m a Autumn appreciator too, hot chocolates at the ready.

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