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Hello, I’m back from Italy. Again. I don’t quite know how I’ve managed to be so productive today when I’m so tired, but I found the energy from somewhere and have washed clothes like a 1950s housewife, spent £90 on grocery shopping (although that may or may not have contained £20 worth of Aperol), and I have finally just put my feet up to watch the 629 episodes of Masterchef Australia I seem to have recorded whilst on my travels.


So, Italy. I tried Facebook Live whilst out there for the first time, so some of you may have seen a video or two I made just to give you a flavour of where I was. I hope you didn’t find them too random, and maybe even a little interesting. The week was amazing – disclaimer, the retreat, called Do What You Love, is run by the company I work for, but I think some of you would find what we learnt fascinating so think I’ll do a separate blog post on that.


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As for food, well, it’s Italy… you know how it goes. Custard croissants for breakfast, pasta or pizza for lunch and Aperol and Prosecco for dinner. On the flip side, our hotel hired out free bikes so I managed to get some bike riding in whilst out there and a fair bit of walking was involved, but Jesus, I drank a lot.


Bloody good fun though!


So you and I know the drill by now – following Slimming World seems to be really difficult for me when I’m travelling abroad, but I still made a point of listening to my Slimpod downloads most nights and I think that definitely helped with the amount of food I ate, never eating until I felt full. Apart from the last night that is, when I had to wear ear plugs because the Russians next door were having noisy (but terrible) sex. The walls of the hotel were paper thin and all I’ll say is she definitely had a penchant for a smacked bottom. Not that I was jealous that she got some and I didn’t of course.


Moving on. The other issue whilst I was out there was that there is a gelato shop on every corner, and we found this one shop that sold frozen yoghurt and gelato which you could either have with fresh fruit or hot Nutella sauce. For the love of God, it was so so good. But in my defence, I did have yoghurt and fruit more often than gelato and Nutella. Honest.


frozen yogurt




Yeah, so remember those 5lbs I lost last week after returning from Italy the last time? I’ve put them back on. It’s not surprising really, and I know I can and will take that weight off this week. But yo-yoing is tiring, and I’m looking forward to having some time at home to re-focus and start working hard again, so I can build up some momentum to get to the 4 stones lost mark. With this 5lbs gain, I currently stand at an overall loss of 3 stones 1lb.


Unless I get invited to Italy again, and god only knows what will happen.


I hope you’ve all had a really lovely week. If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen me mention the fact that I’m going to write a book about dating and that’s another thing that is hopefully going to give me purpose and direction this year, as I’m determined to get a first draft finished by Christmas.


I promise I’ll be a bit more energetic with next week’s blog post but for now, it’s bath and bed for me!


You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ciao!


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