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I don’t want to mention the ‘I’ word again, but I’m writing this from my hotel bedroom in Italy. (Oops.) I have spent the morning and early afternoon enjoying the course my boss is running out here, and that I am here to experience as a guest – it’s called Do What You Love and it does what it says on the tin. Everyone on the course has an idea of how they might like to make money from doing something they love, and my boss will be helping them learn how to do that this week. It’s fascinating stuff, I’m learning so much and it’s great meeting such a wide variety of people from all around the world – one lady travelled 36 hours non-stop from Australia to get here!


I had a lovely leisurely lunch of fresh pasta filled with salted ricotta, covered in sage butter, washed down by a couple of beers and followed by some frozen yoghurt and fruit. #hardlife  I have become really friendly with one of the ladies I travelled with and we spent a late afternoon walking along the beach, chatting, talking about ex boyfriends and sunbathing as the sun set. It really was rather lovely, but it does feel a little strange to be here on my own without Dexter. But I’m coping lol!


ricotta ravioli with sage butter


So before I came to Italy, I had a week at home trying to sort my life out after my massive KFC/Chinese/Revels blip. A delicious blip but one that left me feeling sluggish and pretty revolting if I’m honest. So I had five or six days fully back on the Slimming World plan, back to Zumba, back to cycling (20 miles this week) and I decided to do an early weigh-in on my new scales on Friday morning before I left the airport. (Results below.)


This week’s post-Zumba face – I know you really want to see it:


post zumba face


Whoa right? It was a 90 minute class (if you’re wondering why my face is particularly beetroot red this week.)


It’s amazing how quickly I started to feel good again – literally, just a few days back on Slimming World and I was less bloated, less cranky and had more energy. I mentioned last week that I had put 8lbs on from my 10 day trip to Venice, but when I got home I had my PC (my lovely phantom cycle that gives me most of the symptoms of the period, but not a actual period), which went some way to explain the bloating – the Aperol and pizza explained the rest.


slimming world before after


Not sure where my head went, but I’ve been quite comfortable just walking around in denim shorts and a vest – no-one really pays you much attention to be honest here in Italy.


I’ve decided it’s pretty much impossible to follow SW whilst in Italy. The food is just ridiculously delicious and we are right on the beach, surrounded by bars, gelato shops, restaurants and … oh god, they even gave away free pizza when you bought a drink in the bar last night. It’s crazy. I mean I could say no, granted, but you know what it’s like after a couple of beers – nothing but pizza will do. And look at the size of the beer – as big as my head!


massive pint of beer


But I’ve not gone mad. I won’t go mad. And I have made a promise to myself that I’m not going to put another 8lbs. And then we had breakfast this morning and custard croissants were served.




My intention to be good is there, and in my defence, we have walked a fair bit today. To the gelato shop.


Anyway, there is a beer with my name on it in a bar down the road so let me just give you my results for this week.




Partly due to my PC, but I managed to lose 5lbs this week! I was really surprised but I worked hard at Zumba, made the effort to cycle a lot and ate really well, so it just goes to show, the plan works. You just have to follow it… which isn’t always easy!


I’m going to say ciao for now, have a wonderful week everyone, message me with any comments/questions, and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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