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Hello. I’m back from my holidays (at least for now) and am currently writing this on a train as Dexter and I are off to London Bridge to review a hotel. The gig was to check out their picnic option they offer, except, of course, it’s raining. Welcome home Kate.


Anyway, we got home late Thursday night and I just felt SO bloated. And tired. But mostly bloated. I didn’t dare weigh myself but got straight back on the SW wagon as soon as I walked in the door … just by going straight to sleep and not eating anything! But the next day involved drinking ALL the fluids (well, most) and I hate the term, but I pissed like an actual race horse all day. Seriously. All the fluid my body was holding onto came out constantly and consistently all day. I must have lost 7 stones just from running up and down the stairs to the toilet. So that was nice. But suffice to say, the next day, Saturday, I felt so much better and almost back to normal.


So much so that I went for a nice bike ride and I surprised myself by not actually dying, so having 10 days off hasn’t ‘ruined’ things completely for me – it’s just a case of starting again.


I’ve had time to think about what I ate and drank whilst I was in Italy, and it goes a bit like this:


  • 1 pack of Lurpak butter
  • 1 tub of Nutella
  • 6 pizzas
  • 3 wiener (lol wiener) schnitzels
  • All the chips
  • 2 bottles of Aperol
  • 2 custard doughnuts
  • Several packs of pancetta, fried
  • 4 (possibly more, I can’t remember) bottles of Prosecco
  • ½ bottle of gin
  • Few bottles of fizzy drinks – none were calorie-free
  • 4 Maxibons. I’m lying, 5 Maxibons
  • 5 small squares of Philadephia Light
  • All the crispbreads


Amongst that, I did eat lots of fresh tomatoes, so that has to go in my favour somewhat right?


But it’s pretty bad. And when I say bad, I just mean it was all the stuff I ate before Slimming World – stuff that I’d imagine lots of people eat on holiday. I just didn’t give SW much thought if I’m honest. I didn’t even listen to my Slimpods because I had to wear earplugs because of overnight thunderstorms.


It is what it is and that’s that really. Onwards. But that list above is important because I need to be transparent about this weight-loss journey (“journey” = vom, sorry), and I’ve always been honest with you. Eating and drinking all of that isn’t big (pardon the pun) or clever, but it sure was good at the time.


I drank so much on holiday. Sometimes at lunch, always at night … sometimes both. But I only ate 3 meals a day with very little snacking in between and didn’t eat sweets or chocolate at night (in bed), which is a minor positive I’ll take from the whole holiday.


Anyway, onto the results. I was going to weigh myself at the Drs yesterday, so I cycled over, only to find it was shut. So thought I’d weigh myself this morning on my own scales but they’re broken! Honest. They’re digital scales and one of the sticky pads on one of the corners has come off, so it wasn’t giving me an accurate reading. So I took another pad off, which has completely ballsed the whole thing up. So I threw it in the garden.


Ball park figure? I reckon I put 5-7lbs on whilst away, and probably have managed to take 2-3lbs of water off since I’ve been back, but I can’t tell you for sure.


And I’m not going to worry too much because (don’t hate me), I’m going back to Italy on Saturday. This time on my own, for work.


But instead of thinking, oh I’m going back next week, what’s the point in doing SW just for a week, I wanted to prove to myself that just because I’ve had a holiday, all is not lost, and you just need to get your head in the game as soon as possible, and not put it off. Without becoming all evangelical on you, if you slip up, or syn your face off because it’s someone’s birthday, or because little Johnnie passed his GCSEs, enjoy it … THEN JUST START AGAIN.


It sounds simple. It isn’t. But the more you times you tell yourself all is not lost, the quicker you can start losing weight again.


I find sticking to SW really rather difficult when I’m on holiday or away for work, especially if I’m in another country, and I don’t know what the answer is, other than what I’ve just said – start again when you’re home. You honestly can’t do that much damage in a week.


So before I go away again, I’ll buy new scales, hopefully when I’m home tomorrow or Tuesday, and hope to add an edit tell you how much weight I’ve put on, so I’m not kidding myself. Even if it’s a stone, I’ll tell you.


Until then, have a fantastic week, and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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