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Ciao from Italy. As promised, I thought I’d still write a weekly update today, even though I can’t weigh in (although let’s just pretend I loss half a stone or so.)


Well the holiday is great, and if you’re interested in Canvas Holidays, or this type of upmarket camping (for want of a better word), then keep an eye out for my review when I get back. But as far as losing weight and Slimming World goes, well … holidays were/are always going to be tricky. I went into this holiday with great intentions. I’d be eating ALL the salad. I’d be swimming ALL the lengths. I ‘may’ have an occasional glass of wine. But we all know where I’m going with this. Pizza every day (y’know, ‘proper’ Italian pizza), I’ve drunk alcohol every lunchtime and evening, got high on a massive cheeseboard one evening and, until yesterday, when I partook in a 20-minute aqua aerobics class, I’ve done zero exercise.


But I’m veeeeeery relaxed, chilled out and enjoying life in Italy right now. Here’s a little diary of how my day goes:


8.30am            Wake up with a sore head.

8.31am            Kettle on.

8.35am            Drink the first of many coffees and do 30 minutes of work on the patio area before the whole campsite                               also tries to get on the wifi.

9.00am            Laptop Club for half an hour checking out all (2 of them) of my dating messages.

9.45am            Make breakfast – dry-fried fresh tomatoes, pancetta, eggs and crispbreads – with a round of Nutella on                             crispbreads for breakfast pudding.

10.30am          Think about putting a bikini on.

11.00am          Sunbathe and swim at pool until … get this, THE POOL CLOSES FOR TWO HOURS AND YOU ARE                               FORCED TO LEAVE THE ENTIRE AREA.

1.00pm            Back to accommodation for lunch – maybe some Light Philadelphia on, you’ve guessed it, more                                       crispbreads and more tomatoes.

1.30pm            Play cards with the kids, drink Aperol Spritzes. And/or fizzy red wine.

3.00pm            Back to pool.

6.30pm            Back to accommodation.

7.30pm            Out for dinner. Yep, more pizza.

9.00pm            Back to accommodation for gin and grapefruit. And possibly cheese.

11.30pm          All main music on the campsite has to be turned off so we generally all go to bed.


And repeat.


Think I’ve sussed my holiday timetable out if I’m honest – and we have 4 days of this to go.


So, diet-wise, meh. I’m on holiday, it’s all good. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve put much/any weight on, I just have sore boobs where I’ve retained water/gin. Once I get home, that’ll come off. It’s been really important for me to just vegetate really.


fry up


One interesting thing though, where I listen to my Slimpods every night, even whilst out here, there is so much temptation to eat ‘bad’ food – I mean, even more ‘bad’ food than I do, but I’m not really interested. There’s a gorgeous bakery in the supermarket that’s literally a 90 second walk from where we’re staying, and I bought a doughnut once, out of habit more than want, and I’ve just thrown it away because I didn’t eat it and I didn’t really want it in the first place. There is the usual selection of chocolate and sweets and again, I haven’t bought anything. It’s just not on my radar. When I eat, I don’t feel the need to get to the point where I’m full up – and that’s the power of the Slimpod (for me anyway.) It’s almost like my subconscious is working in the background telling me I don’t need food that’s bad for me anymore. I’d like it to tell me I don’t need pizza too, but maybe that will come.


italian tomatoes


I’m probably still one of the largest ladies here but that was just a passing observation, it’s not important, because I don’t make it important. I don’t know whether people are looking at me, and if they are, what they’re thinking – everyone just seems to be going about their business, as we are. I think if you don’t give ‘power’ to other people, you’ll be a lot happier. I mean when you don’t give importance to what someone else thinks of you, it frees you from judgement. So I bowl about the pool like I’m in my own world and am happier for it. Wish I’d been like that when I was younger and thinner, but thought I was fat. But growing older and more accepting of my body has been rather enlightening.


I’m happy in a bikini, rolls of fat and all. Reaching mid-life has made me understand that overweight or not, I’m happy in my skin, and I hope that comes across. I’m losing weight because I need to for my health and looking ‘better’ in a bikini is just a by-product of that really. It’s not that important.


slimming world before after


Anyway, I think it’s only 79 degrees today, so I’m off to read a trashy book by the pool.


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