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Well the Olympics has been pretty awesome hasn’t it? As you might know, I’m currently in Italy but there has been coverage of the Olympics since we’ve got here, so last night we had the pleasure of watching the mens’ gymnastics whilst eating pizza and drinking Italian beer – the perfect evening!


I’ve watched a couple of great BBC documentaries whilst I’ve been here (via iPlayer) on Mo Farrah and Katarina Johnson-Thompson and if you get the opportunity to watch them, I can highly recommend them. They give a real insight into just what goes into the hard work behind the performances we see – the training regime is pretty brutal and I’m pretty sure I worked up a sweat just watching it.


I’m an armchair Olympian. Convinced that if I just tried a little bit harder at netball at school, I could compete for England. I mean, that clearly never happened, as I sit in Venice eating cheese and drinking wine, but it’s obvious you have to have the right mentality as much as anything else, which I never had when I was younger. But there you go … as a 45-year-old woman, watching from the comfort of an Italian armchair, I’m still convinced I could have made it. The wine helps.


Anyway, today I wanted to draw your attention to something I think you’ll like. DFS (the sofa people) are the official homeware partner of Team GB for this year’s Olympics in Rio and have been working with Team GB stars Max Whitlock, Laura Trott and Adam Peaty (GO TEAM GB!!!), unveiling a specially designed sofa designed especially for the Olympics – The Britannia. It’s centre stage in the home of Team GB – British House.


dfs sofa team gb


They’ve teamed with Reggie Yates (who I not so secretly heart) to bring us ‘Game On’, a daily video series that showcases and celebrates our brilliant athletes and perhaps show them in a more … human way. Because let’s face it, what they’re achieving looks pretty superhuman!  It’s a break from the conventional face-to-face straight interview and has been a pleasure to watch. Plus, Reggie Yates. So check out DFS’ YouTube channel and see what you think – I think it’s a great idea to see athletes’ ‘other’ side and will make you just a little bit jealous you’re not staying at British House right now! They also play a game using coasters called Flip It, which you can see here played by the rowing 8 team. I actually used to play a version of this with my Nan as a kid in the 80’s, but she always used to beat me:



I’ve also just watched this interview with the mens’ GB gymnastics team – and when the interviewer asked one of them if he shouldn’t be out delivering his newspapers, I nearly died laughing (he was actually 19, but let’s face it, to us more ‘mature’ viewers, they all look about 13).



In the meantime, I’m off for a swim – because quite frankly, another few laps and I could definitely compete against Katie Ledecky in the next Olympics. Aged 49. What? It could happen! Dream big I say.


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