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It’s been ten weeks since I started exercising properly. It feels like ten months to be honest, as it’s so ingrained in me now. Having said that, today, a day before I go on holiday for ten days, I can’t quite muster up enough oomph to get the bike out, but even Laura Trott has a day off right? (Totally comparing myself to an Olympian there.)


Anyway, in that time, I’ve lost 29” and 13lbs. In ten weeks. I even went as far as to see if I’d prolonged my life by using this life calculator – and I’m exactly halfway through my life, and should reach the ripe old age of 90. I know it’s not scientific, and it’s merely a guide, but losing weight and inches, and improving my fitness HAS to have had an effect on my life span.


And I’ll tell you why it’s on my mind … why it’s always on my mind. Mum died aged 60, as did her dad. Sixty. That’s no age at all. Both with heart problems – Mum’s due to a lifetime of smoking, and even though I don’t smoke, being overweight has to be just as dangerous. And so I’ve had that in the back of my head for the last 11 years, since she died. Quite why it took me so long to do something about my weight, I don’t know – well I do, but that’s for another time – and my weight got worse before it got better, getting to my highest ever weight last Christmas.


But the important thing is that no matter what happens, I’m doing what I can to make sure I don’t leave my boys early, like Mum left me. The thought is just unbearable because I know what the pain is like – so if it means cycling to the shops again instead of going in the car, or having protein pancakes AGAIN for breakfast, instead of a fry-up .. then I’ll do those things until I can get to a healthy weight. Losing weight has never been about being able to fit into a size 8 pair of skinny jeans … it’s much more than that.


OK, that’s the serious bit over for this week’s update, but I just wanted you to know a little background as to why I’m doing what I’m doing, and where my determination comes from. Yes, I’m a stubborn sod, but this is the real reason behind it all. I think you get to halfway through your life and suddenly think shit, am I where I should be? Am I healthy? How much longer do I really have? And, most importantly, how can I create the best life I can.


I’ve had a really good week. Work is a little less frantic as my boss is on holiday, and I’m about to go away myself, so less stress there and to be honest, ever since I started this job in April, I just feel in a really good place. This job has had a really positive effect on me and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. So work, good. Food? Good. Not veered off plan at all food-wise this week. BUT … I did go on a date on Thursday – with someone I’ve dated on and off for years, but a date nonetheless, and because we don’t see each other that much, we always like to have a few drinks and let our hair down. And when I say a few drinks, erm, I think I had about 8 double vodkas. If not more. Not big or clever, but I have a pretty strong constitution when it comes to alcohol and well, I had a great evening! (Don’t think the scales thanked me for it though.)


slimming world before after


I use Map My Run to log all of my bike rides, and it tells me I increased my distance this week by 4 miles – going from 16 miles last week, to 20 this week. And I did my 2 hardcore Zumba classes … which means it’s time for … POST-ZUMBA FACE!


post zumba face


How sad is this though. I’m actually properly gutted I’m going to miss Zumba for 2 weeks – what a sad act. But I just ruddy love it! I would urge you to give it a go if you’re looking for something to get you fit that’s a load of fun – honestly, you won’t regret it.


Haven’t mentioned them for a few weeks, but I’m still using my Slimpod every night. They were actually mentioned on a Tonight special last week about summer diets, and used in conjunction with Slimming World really works well for me. Click on the link if you want to learn more, or just message me. I’m not paid to write about them, although I have just switched the link to an affiliate link – just to be transparent – as I was mentioning them anyway. But I honestly wouldn’t recommend something that I didn’t 100% believe in.




So last week was Phantom Cycle week, and I maintained. I’d hoped for a 2lbs loss this week but getting hammered on Thursday didn’t do me any favours. Having said that, I did lose 1lb, and I’ve got to be happy with that. I also lost 3 inches this week – 2 inches off my waist, and 1 inch from my hips.


That brings my total weight loss to 3 stones and 4lbs.


slimming world before after




And now I’m going on holiday. Eek. I don’t have the, ‘sod it, I’m on holiday, I’m going to eat everything I want’ mentality – but I will relax and have a little of what I fancy and hope that I haven’t ruined things too much when I get back.


In case you missed it, I made Slimming World Spicy Roasted Chickpeas this week too, so take a look at that.


Have a lovely week. I’ll write again next week while I’m away, but until then, ciao!


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  1. Crikey,two gins & I’m legless,it’s the only thing about me that is lightweight
    Well done on this weeks loss and have a bloody good holiday.

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