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A very happy Sunday to you all. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and… I’m a very sweaty mess after a 12km bike ride. Think moist lycra cycling shorts and sweaty boobs – that’s me that is.


Onto the week that was. After moaning about the school holidays ruining my routine, I have now created a new one! I work in the morning at home, as usual, spend some time with Dexter, when he deigns to come downstairs for food and grace me with his presence, and I then cook his lunch. I go out for a bike ride in the afternoon, invariably to a coffee shop, where I do a bit more work. The change of scenery gives me a little headspace and it also forces me to exercise every day. Win/win. The thought of buying a cake with my coffee is now just a fleeting thought and instead, if I don’t have fruit with me, I buy a bag of Metcalfs Sweet & Salty popcorn that they sell in Costa, and that does the trick.


Taking advantage of the Costa toilets here – am I looking hot or what?!



weight loss by cycling


I exercised every day this week, apart from Thursday, as I woke up feeling groggy, lacking in energy and just not myself, so I took to bed in the afternoon hoping that I would be well enough to do Zumba at 7pm that night. Instead, I had an afternoon Nana nap and was asleep by 9pm. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, I normally have the constitution of an ox, but I just had zero energy. The next morning, however, I realised what was up.


It was my PC – aka, my phantom cycle. Where I get all the ‘pleasure’ of a period, the bloating, the crying at the internet five times in one day (Wednesday), without any of the pleasure of a release of… erm, stuff. I know I’m lucky not to have actual periods but it’s still no fun getting bloated and teary. I don’t usually feel this crap, so I don’t know why it affected me like that this time, but I was back to my normal self the next afternoon and was back out riding my bike – I was an actual Tampax commercial.


Food-wise, I’ve been really good. I have got back into the habit of having a pot of mixed fresh fruit every evening with a fat-free yoghurt, and although I don’t know whether that’s particularly a good thing when it comes to a Slimming World diet, I think it’s a very healthy thing to do and so, whilst I fancy it (it’s probably to do with the hot weather), I’m going to carry on. I remember a time when my go-to pudding would be apple crumble and custard, so this is a massive improvement.


Breakfasts are STILL banana pancakes, and I made a delicious cheese and vegetable omelette on Thursday for lunch. Salmon salad for dinner most days, and I’m still keeping my carb intake quite low, just because it makes me feel less bloated and I find I don’t really need many carbs in my diet. The omelette looked like dog food, but this was the day I was poorly, so I didn’t really care.


cheese omelette


Exercise-wise, I still did two high-impact Zumba classes and cycled 6 days out of 7, racking up 15 miles on the bike, as well as a small amount of walking when I spent a lovely day in London on Saturday, where I met my new boss who was over from Italy giving a workshop. I stayed for the morning, chatting with our guests and being part of this newly formed team. We are only a small company – 5 of us in total, but it’s such a positive group of people to be around and I find the whole thing very inspiring. The company I work for offer holistic retreats in Italy and I will be going out there in September, straight after I come back from my main holiday in Italy in August! (I might as well just stay out there really. In fact, emigrating to Italy is something that’s been on my mind for a while – not just Italy, but any other country than England, and I hope it’s a dream I can realise sometime in the very near future. It’s good to dream right?)


This week’s post-Zumba face:


after zumba face




I only ate off-plan once during the week, which was last Saturday, and I always have a treat on a Saturday, so I would normally expect a nice loss on the scales.


But thanks to my PC, I lost nothing. Nada. Zilch. To be fair, I didn’t even feel like I had lost any weight, and I still feel quite bloated now, on Sunday. BUT I have to have confidence in the plan, even when things don’t go my way, and just know that I did everything I could have done and sometimes your body just doesn’t do what it is meant to. I’m confident the weight will come off next week. 


BUT … I’ve just measured myself (Monday) and have lost 2.5″ in a week! 


(Edit:  having thought about it, I’ve looked back at my weekly weigh-in notes, and had a lightbulb moment. Every 4-5 weeks I have a gain, or only a very small loss, and so it all makes sense now. I don’t have periods in the conventional sense, but my body is still holding onto water every month – nice one ovaries! But at least now I know!)


slimming world before after


Things I could do better next week – I need to drink more, change my meals up a little, and perhaps just be kinder to myself. As much as I’m confident I’ll lose weight next week, I am a little disappointed. I worked really hard – look at that Zumba photo and that tells you all you need to know, and I still didn’t lose any weight. So I’ll do my best to be proud of everything I’ve achieved this week and move onto the next week.


Bit bloody annoying though.


Have a great week, and don’t forget you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Good luck for next week Kate. You have done so well so far. You can be proud of yourself. Lovely pictures.

      1. All the best for next week Kate, I have the phantoms as well every 4th week it’s either a gain or a big fat 0 but now I know why I no longer worry. We’re doing the right things and just have to trust it will catch up.

  2. You are doing brilliantly – and it is demotivating when you don’t lose as much as you think despite the hard work. It will all pay off in the end though. I find the school holidays also play havoc with our routine – even when Grace is away! Keep it up lovely 🙂 x

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